The Baby That Nobody Will Put In The Corner This Summer

Nobody puts baby in the corner this summer thanks to a brand new baby wood-burning oven from Orchard Ovens by Valoriani that will give you the time of your life.
The kings of clay, whose wood-burning domestic and commercial ovens are simply without peers, have launched 'The Fornino' – a wow factor, svelte pizza oven that can allow you to perfect the art of cooking with wood, unless you prefer to go for a gas option.
The stunning Fornino takes the breath away when you first encounter it, but its aesthetics are only half of the story. It is nimble and light, weighing just 140kg and equipped with its own easy-to-assemble wheeled stand, so you can move it around to where you want it to sit.
It is weatherproof and able to adapt to your colour preferences, coming in a beautiful cream colour, but capable of being sprayed any colour you wish, without damaging its surface.
Best of all, it offers better heat and cooking performance than any other baby oven on the market, staying warm for hours, not requiring constant feeding and capable of staying warm enough to cook your breakfast the morning after the night before.  By gobbling less wood, it won't eat up your budget and, at a price of just £1400 for the wood version, it's also highly affordable.
It's the oven of choice for those not needing to cook much food and largely wishing to stick to using a pizza oven for pizza, rather than other food, although it will take a skillet pan, baking tray or cooking pot loaded with sausages, steaks, fish, soups or stew.
The gas version costs a little more at £2000, but offers a bigger cooking area, so it's a matter of personal preference.  All of these lovely Fornino ovens can be delivered kerbside to your door and get you up and running with your cooking very quickly indeed. You will also receive a three-piece pizza tool set and rack. All you need do is get someone to help you lift it on to your stand and away you go.
To view the Fornino and discover why nobody will put this baby in the corner, head to  More information is available on 01772 250000.


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