Divine Chocolate Receives Guardian Sustainable Business Award For Social Impact Innovation

Divine Chocolate is delighted and proud to have won the Guardian Sustainable Business Award for Social Impact Innovation. The ceremony was held in Siemen's The Crystal at Royal Victoria Docks on April 29th. The awards were presented by The Guardian's Jo Confino, and other winners included IKEA (twice), Marks & Spencer, as well as Arthur Kay of Bio-Bean, and the Interface carpet company.

The award was a recognition for the many and significant impacts owning Divine Chocolate has had on the lives of Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers - from community, farm, and education improvements to progressive programmes on women's empowerment, adult literacy, and model farm development. As well as empowering farmers and giving them a voice in the chocolate supply chain, Divine has also empowered chocolate lovers here in UK and increasingly around the world - giving them the opportunity to make change happen.

Communications Director Charlotte Borger and National Accounts Manager Wendy Rowan attended the ceremony. Jo Confino commented on how Divine had demonstrated it was possible to have a dignified trading relationship with smallholder farmers. 

Charlotte Borger adds: “We are delighted to receive this award and with it the acknowledgement of an innovative and different way of doing business, which empowers both farmers and consumers, and ensures that farmers can share some of the wealth they are helping to create.”

Divine Chocolate is 44% owned by the farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana, and all the Fairtrade cocoa in its wide range of products is sourced from them in a traceable supply chain. 


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