Cake Graffiti

Add decorative designs to desserts, drinks, cakes and more in seconds with new SK Art-ice Stencils in six pretty designs.

SK Art-ice Stencils can be used with royal icing, cookie icing, icing sugar, buttercream, melted chocolate, cocoa powder, lustre dusts, metallic paints or paste food colours to create impressive effects.

These clever stencils come in a small round and a long rectangular shape so they can be used easily on different surfaces to coordinate your creations.

The round stencil is perfect for adding designs to cupcakes, cookies and cappuccinos – simply hold in position and spread, sprinkle or sponge your chosen medium over the stencil to transfer the design.

The long rectangular shape is ideal for cake borders, loaf cakes and the top of tarts and is used in the same way. You can even use the stencils to emboss a pattern into a sugarpaste covering.

Getting married? Tie the wedding theme together to stunning effect with the help of SK Art-ice Stencils. Simply decorate the wedding cake and desserts with the Damask border stencil and use the matching round stencil to add the same pattern to after-dinner coffees and chocolates.

These stencils are also a quick and easy way to add a bespoke finishing touch to shop-bought desserts.

Designs include Paisley, Leopard Print, Damask, Rosace, Moroccan and Baroque.

SK Art-ice Stencils are made from material approved for food contact and are available from and from good cake decorating suppliers nationwide. RRP starts from £2.60.

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