The Era Of Ultra-Premium Sipping Vodka - Discover The Ultimate Luxury Of British Made Quintessentially Vodka

The era of ultra-premium vodka has dawned. Quintessentially Vodka redefines luxury spirits with sleek design and a liquid of such discerning quality that is quite simply perfection on ice.

The exclusive British made ultra-premium vodka with its emblematic black matte bottle - already an essential in the most elite bars, awarded restaurants and private member clubs in the UK - launched into Harvey Nichols in April 2013.

Quintessentially Vodka is produced in one of Britain's oldest continuous working distilleries, where each bottle is individually handled by distillery fellows wearing white cotton gloves to protect the beautiful bottle. The Vodka is crafted from the finest organic wheat and purest English water (filtered through ancient pebble beds). These artisanal practices culminate in the smoothest, purest liquid to sip, savour and enjoy.

Unparalleled luxury, ultra-premium credentials, British heritage and superior quality make Quintessentially Vodka the most desirable accessory amongst exclusive social enclaves as well as the preferred option for spirits connoisseurs.

On the palate, this ultra-premium vodka is clean and pure with hints of aniseed and a subtle sweetness. The unique smooth, silky mouth-feel comes from the natural plant extract rowanberry.

Whether poured over ice or blended in a bespoke cocktail, this is the era of ultra-premium sipping vodka and it is time to discover the ultimate luxury of Quintessentially Vodka.

Quintessentially Vodka is available from Harvey Nichols, RRP £50, as well as selected bars, restaurants and exclusive nightclubs across the UK.

In October 2013, Quintessentially Vodka won a Gold Medal in the highly acclaimed 2013 Spirits Business Vodka Masters' Super Premium Category. An annual event, The Spirits Business stages their annual Vodka Masters competition to find and reward the finest vodka brands from around the world.


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