The 1st Annual Hot Chocolate Festival Has Launched In The UK

Over the past year cafes have been creating their own hot chocolate recipes that they will showcase to customers during the 1st Annual Hot Chocolate Festival taking place 24th March - 6 April across the UK.

The Festival encompasses everything from the indulgent to the inspired: think Ecuador 70% chocolate infused with chilli rooibos tea and cherry; think a trio of chocolates presented with spheres of flavours that burst in your mouth.

The Festival is championing 'real' hot chocolate as the best hot chocolate is made with only pure, cocoa-rich melted chocolate. And that's just the kind prepared by the festival promoters, Kokoa Collection.

In case you're worried that the UK Hot Chocolate Festival takes place over Lent, two Popes have actually ruled that hot chocolate is allowed ! The first being Pope Gregory XIII and then in 1662, Pope Alexander VII declared "Liquidum non frangit jejunum" [Liquids (so including hot chocolate) do not break the fast.]

The Hot Chocolate Festival is going to wow customers as well as raise funds for the Hands of Hope charity in Haiti, with a 10p donation from every cup of Haiti 75% cocoa sold during the festival.

Customers will have the chance to win a hamper of hot chocolate by 'sharing the love' using hashtag #UKHotChocFest for best judged photo shared on social media. 

List of venues / Festival Flavours below; will be updated daily with new cafes and flavours.

About Kokoa Collection:

Kokoa Collection is available in over 300 cafes in the UK (with new suppliers joining daily).

Kokoa Collection offers award winning hot chocolates in varying cocoa percentages, prepared using tablets of real chocolate. Each variety is made with chocolate sourced from a single origin with its own distinct character.

White from the Ivory Coast                      
Sweet and creamy with natural vanilla, Academy of Chocolate Winner 2013

58% Cocoa from Venezuela                   
Light, sweet with slightly fruity notes, Academy of Chocolate Winner 2013

70% Cocoa from Ecuador                       
Floral and herbal, Great Taste Winner 2013

75% Cocoa from Haiti                            
Rich 'roasted hazelnut' flavour and directly traded

82% Cocoa from Madagascar                

Intense red fruits, not too sweet, Great Taste Winner 2013  


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