Introducing Secret Sausages; Vegetables In Disguise!

Fancy a sausagey treat that's got 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories and 35% less salt that your normal sausage? Of course you do! These cheeky looking chaps are part of the Secret Sausages elite team of super sausages, all of which are gluten free and less than 4% fat, making them the healthiest, tastiest vegetarian sausages you will ever try!

Made with fresh vegetables, rice, herbs and spices and a bit of vitamin C, all wrapped up in a unique veggie casing made from seaweed and rice - Secret Sausages don't contain any of the artificial nasties that pop up in most other vegetarian sausage products. Created by Secret Sausages' very own 'food magicians' and tested by science boffins, you can rest assured that every Secret Sausage you eat will do you the world of good, with just three of these tasty little guys providing you with one of your '5-a-day'!

Secret Sausages are on a mission to transform meal times - giving you a really easy option that not only does you good, but tastes amazing too. Swap your normal meat or veggie sausage for a Secret Sausage and enjoy any place any time. Perfect with mash, in a sarnie, on the BBQ or even in a hearty sausage casserole, eating Secret Sausages is a great way to sneak more vegetables onto the whole family's plate without them even noticing!

Try all six delicious varieties and pick your favourite - there are British classics like Lincolnshire and Cumberland, or some great flavour combinations like spicy Chilli and Coriander, fragrant Rosemary and Garlic, sweet and mellow Honey Bee and tangy Cheese and Spring Onion. Each variety is packed with vegetables and full of flavour, what's not to love?

The Secret Sausages range is available online at Ocado, selected Whole Foods stores nationwide, independent farm shops and online at RRP £3.49 for a pack of six.

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