Exclusive Barley Beerstro Popping Up in a 'Barley Field' at Barbican Conservatory

Jimmy Doherty has partnered with AB InBev to bring the countryside to the city through a unique immersive eating experience, celebrating the superfood 'Barley' - a key natural ingredient in beer.

What: The Barley Beerstro is bringing the countryside to the city this July, serving long lunches right in the middle of a 'barley field' created with real barley and technology, with a six course tasting menu designed by farmer and food personality Jimmy Doherty. Launching at Barbican Conservatory, London, the unique pop-up restaurant will be available to the public and will be accompanied by some of the world's most popular Global and speciality beers.

The menu will pay homage to the natural ingredients found in beer, with particular emphasis on barley. Barley is a key ingredient in beer and a super-food containing many nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is rich in energy, low in fat and high in antioxidants*. The one of a kind six course tasting menu created by Jimmy Doherty will be paired with the flavour profiles of a variety of world class beers as selected by Beer Sommelier Jane Peyton, including Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Leffe Brune, Goose Island IPA, Spaten Helles and Budweiser.

The immersive restaurant experience, which includes the sounds and sights of a barley field, from the Great Tew Estate, will begin with a demonstration for guests to create one of the menu's dishes while learning more about the 'supergrain' barley and enjoying 'a-beer-itifs'.  This will be followed by a full lunch where visitors can sample the entirety of Jimmy's menu and enjoy a nice cold beer in the beautiful surroundings of a barley field in Barbican conservatory.

From starter to dessert, each of the six courses will be meticulously designed to bring the superfood barley to life and celebrate the natural ingredients that make beer such a unique and versatile beverage.

Each lunch seats 30 and there will be two long lunches available, with an additional session at Jimmy's farm as a finale later in the year.

Where: The Barley Beersto, Barbican Conservatory, Level 3, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

When: 28th  July 2016 (two sittings)

Where: The Barley Beersto, Jimmy's farm, Pannington Hall Lane, Wherstead,

Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2AR

When: 8th August 2016

Cost:  Free entry. To RSVP please email barleybeerstro@golin.com stating which event you would like to attend. Spaces are strictly limited. 18+. Identification will be required.

A map of the location is available at this link.

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