Tiffin Time's Recipe for Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

Improved concentration, increased energy levels and building better relationships with colleagues are just some of the ways that Tiffin Time, a unique service transporting tasty and wholesome lunchtime meals by bicycle, is enhancing workplace productivity in Bristol. With careful consideration given to the nutritional content of the weekly changing menu, to ensure that each meal is packed with all the vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates required for a balanced diet, Tiffin Time offers a time efficient, sustainable and healthy solution for workers looking to fuel themselves at lunchtime.

Designed to keep blood sugar and glucose levels stable throughout the afternoon, Tiffin Time replaces complex carbohydrates, refined sugar and saturated fats with wholegrains, vegetables and legumes. Whether it's a vegetarian or meaty option, these well-rounded and nutritious lunches help maintain concentration throughout the day and reduce the likelihood of that all too familiar lethargic mid-afternoon slump, which lowers productivity and increases the chances of unhealthy snacking.

These energy enhancing meals are ideal for long team meetings and training sessions, helping the group to stay focused and encouraging social interaction over the lunchtime break. As the food is all locally sourced and delivered by bicycle inside reusable stainless steel tiffin tins, Tiffin Time offers the greenest possible way to fuel a workforce, which can also help businesses to reach their environmental goals.

Owner and founder, Katie Garden, who is currently studying for an Association for Nutrition Level 4 Online Nutrition Course qualification, explains; “It is well documented that being sedentary all day long is not good for our health and well-being, so it is important to have a break at lunchtime, eat properly, chat to colleagues and move around - even 15 minutes of gentle exercise can help get the brain re-engaged. After a tough morning at work, it can be all too easy to grab a sandwich on-the-go and eat it in front a screen, especially as our brains and organs rely on glucose for energy. At Tiffin Time, we work really hard to offer the right fuel for the mind and body, removing the stress of finding a balanced lunch and giving our customers time to take exercise, socialise and reenergise.”

Donna Smith from Curtis Banks, who regularly orders lunch from Tiffin Time, adds; “We learnt about Tiffin Time when we moved to our office in Temple Quay last year. A healthy lunch is important for productivity, and having it delivered really helps me manage my time effectively. I love the concept mostly because of the wonderfully fresh and tasty dishes on offer, which give you a real boost at lunchtime, but also because of how environmentally conscious Katie is. Our lunch is cycled to the office, and the tiffin tins used are returned and washed, creating no waste. I am a vegetarian due to environmental concerns so this is really important to me, and the vegetarian options are so varied and delicious.”

Throughout July and August, Tiffin Time will have a number of picnic pick-up stations in Bristol's Castle Park, so people can order online, collect their lunch from the bicycle stations in the park and enjoy a little Vitamin D boost as they enjoy their lunch.

Each Tiffin Time meal is split between three tiffin tins, with a meaty or veggie main, accompanied by two side dishes, such as salad, vegetables and brown rice. The meaty option costs £6.50 and the veggie option costs £5.50, delivery is 50p and the tins are collected on the next delivery round. Working lunches, meetings and office events can be quoted for upon enquiry.

For more information about Tiffin Time, please visit www.tiffintime.co.uk.

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