Roam & Relish - A New Range of Organic Charcuterie from Eversfield Organic

Made using organic meat, from animals reared on their farm in Devon, Eversfield Organic is launching an exciting new range of delicious British organic charcuterie, Roam & Relish, which will be available nationwide from 15th July 2016. 

Roam & Relish consists of twelve organic charcuterie products, including Pastrami, Salt Beef, Honey Smoked Streaky Bacon and Smoked Ham. Confirmed stockists include Ocado and Whole Foods Market, as well as a number of the country's leading independent deli's, and can also be bought direct from (RRP from £3.85 – see full price list below).

Amongst the first to create British organic charcuterie in the UK, the Roam & Relish range will include mouth-wateringly flavoursome beef and pork products.

The beef range, all of which is organic and grass fed, includes Pastrami, Salt Beef, Roast Topside of Beef with Crushed Peppercorns and Roast Topside and Mustard. All of the products are produced using traditional beef cuts, which are matured for a minimum of 21 days to develop a fuller flavour and are rubbed in spices and beautifully roasted.  These all benefit from the marbling and fat found in traditional beef breeds fed on a grass-based diet, enhancing the succulence of the finished product.

Oozing with their secret spice blend, Roam & Relish's Organic Pastrami is made from prime cuts of brisket from their traditional cattle breeds.  Available in slices, or as a whole joint, this Pastrami is delicious as a cold deli meat, or even gently heated and served with fresh bread and pickles.

The pork products in this organic charcuterie range include Honey Roast Ham, Traditional Ham, Smoked Ham, Honey Smoked Streaky Bacon, Back Bacon, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Streaky Bacon and Smoked Back Bacon.  As always, Eversfield Organic use only the best organic pork from happily reared and freely rooting pigs in their Roam & Relish range.

Matured on the bone to make it succulent and tender, Roam & Relish's Organic Smoked Ham is cold smoked over oak logs to develop a gentle, sweet yet smokey flavour.

The bacon range is made using pork, from outdoor bred and reared pigs. The Dry Cured Honey Smoked Streaky Bacon is smoked over oak and cooked with honey to also develop a sweet, smokey flavour.

Although most charcuterie sold in the UK is imported from Spain, France and Italy, Eversfield Organic believes Britain has everything it needs to create exceptionally good charcuterie, rivalling the best Europe has to offer.  Britain is making huge strides in the area of artisan food production due to the abundance of quality meat that is being produced using the highest animal welfare standards and care, cultivation and breeding methods.  A combination of Eversfield Organic's team skills and fantastic quality meat creates a charcuterie range of unrivalled perfection.

For further information on Eversfield Organic or the new Roam & Relish range please visit, email or call 01837 871 400.  Follow Eversfield Organic on Twitter: @Eversfieldmeat and 'Like' on Facebook.

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