Desert Island Dish

Desert Island Dish... with the fabulous chefs and epicurean experts of BITE Festival

If you found yourself stranded on a desert island, and you could only have one dish, what would you choose?

We asked the BITE Festival Chefs and epicurean experts from Eric Lanlard and Antony Worrall Thompson to Shelina Permaloo and Cyrus Todiwala and the many more who will be on hand for BITE 2014, to dust off their school day copies of Lord of the Flies, watch an episode of Lost and channel their inner Ranulph Fiennes. 

Antony Worrall Thompson chose a ‘Mangalitza Pig with dauphinoise potatoes and luxury greens’ with a request for luxury in the form of both male and female pigs. Elisabeth Luard believes that ‘Happiness is a tin of caviar, a tin opener and a spoon’needing ‘enough caviar for breakfast as well as supper. That’s All!’

Travelling east the ever-philosophical Cyrus Todiwala chose ‘masala fried fresh bombay ducks or pomfret’ with the final thought that ‘once he had had his fill he could then die in peace, if that be my destiny without anyone about.’ With Urban Rajah choosing an ‘Achingly slow cooked Lamb Kismet Korma, with yellow coconut rice and a helping of tangy lime pickle... plus a smidgen of pistachio Indian fudge burfi for a sweet finish.’

Some of our chefs went for more of a Dessert Island Dish with Cake Boy Eric Lanlard preferring a ‘Pear Tarte Tatin served piping hot with a dollop of crème fraiche’, Arabella Weir wished for an ‘Italian bread and butter pudding made with stale colomba and toasted pine nuts'.

Our Peruvian contingent Senor Ceviche decided that as long as they could wash their dish down with a Pisco Sour or two, they would aim for a MeatLiquor franchise on their island requesting ‘A Dead Hippie Burger of two mustard fried patties with american cheese, a secret sauce, ridge cut pickles and iceberg lettuce, oozing grease from first to last bite. Then a Chill Dog, not just a hot dog, it is a dog lathered with chilli and heart attack quantities of cheese.’

Dhruv Baker decided that ‘If i'm stuck on a desert island one dish won't do, i'd want a huge plateau of fruit de mer with its wonderful clean flavours of the sea with a perfectly cooked steak!’  Somehow he would also find room for ‘Thrice cooked chips, with salt straight from the sea, and a bernaise sauce with its hint of aniseed from the tarragon, would be the perfect combination; nothing is more satisfying.’ Shelina Permaloo chose sea fruits too with ‘Grilled lobster with garlic butter and fresh sprinkling of chilli and coriander’.

More classical tastes came from Jill Norman who chose a simple ‘Grilled John Dory’ and Matthew Fort decided on a ‘Roast chicken, gravy, summer vegetables.’ With Annie Rigg wanting a delivery to her archipelago of ‘My mum's Coronation Chicken, which is actually her great grandmother's recipe. It's totally traditional with mayonnaise, cream mango chutney and curry powder and i’ve eaten it since I was a child as it gets dragged out for every family occasion.’

The Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT) chose a ‘Rhubarb & Custard Mousse Served with Ginger Crumb, Meringue, Blood Orange, Rhubarb Crisp and Rhubarb Sorbet. The reason we have chose this dish is because it formed part of a winning menu for the Army Culinary Team at ‘Exercise Joint Caterer’ in the ‘Parade de Chef’ class.’

Our chefs will have been saved from their desert island by the 1st February and will be heading to the Cotswolds to host breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas, dinners, Q&As and masterclasses.

What would be your Desert Island Dish? Answers on a postcard from wherever you have washed up…

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