Tesco Launches New 'Healthy Living' Brand

Tesco is launching a new range of healthy foods to help customers lead healthier lifestyles in 2014.

The new brand, Tesco Healthy Living,  will replace Tesco Light Choices and Tesco Eat Live Enjoy. It aims to give customers an easy and even more appealing way to control the amount of salt, sugar and fats they eat, without compromising on flavour.

The range includes more than 230 products, from bakery and ready meals to yoghurts and healthy treats.
85 per cent of the whole Healthy Living range is new or improved.

All Healthy Living branded products have controlled levels of salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat and none are red on nutritional traffic-light colour coding.*

Each product has also been benchmarked in customer taste panels against our Tesco own-brand range equivalents, to ensure they match on flavour.

David Wood, Tesco UK Marketing Director said: "Helping our customers and colleagues to lead healthier lifestyles is very important to us. This range represents a shift in the way we think about healthy foods - we want to give our customers great tasting  products that make choosing healthier options easy.

"To do this we've drawn on new food trends and the expertise of our colleagues and suppliers who are passionate about food, to ensure our Healthy Living range provides choices that taste better, look better and are even more healthy."

The new range will offer two options to suit customers' needs:

Healthy Living - Big on Taste, Lower in Calories - for those looking to lose weight. All products contain at least 30% fewer calories than the comparison product.Healthy Living - Beautifully Balanced - for those trying to maintain their weight or wanting to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

All Healthy Living products meet the Public Health Responsibility Deal 2012 targets for salt.

Using our customers' feedback we have sourced,  tested and refined each dish with our Tesco product developers, expert nutritionists and professional chefs to ensure we can offer a variety of healthy products with no compromise on taste.

The new Healthy Living - Big on Taste, Lower in Calories Chicken Laksa Noodles 300g contain 265 calories per pack. They are low in fat and high in protein. The new Healthy Living - Beautifully Balanced Spiced Butternut Squash with Fruity Pilaf  & Feta 330g, includes one of your five a day and is a source of protein, at 349 calories.

The new Healthy Living - Big on Taste, Lower in Calories Tuna Crunch Wholemeal Pasta Salad, great for lunch, contains one of your five a day and 282 calories per pack. We have developed seven Healthy Living - Big on Taste, Lower in Calories low fat desserts such asTesco Healthy Living Chocolate Sundae and Tesco Healthy Living Banoffee Muffin Dessert, to enable those with a sweet tooth to still enjoy a treat.

We've added a wider mix of vegetables in the Healthy Living - Big on Taste, Lower in Calories vegetable curry following customer feedback that they wanted more variety.We have replaced some of the sugar in our Healthy Living - Beautifully Balanced yoghurts with Stevia, a natural plant based sweetener, to help reduce sugar in our flavoured yogurts, meaning up to 45% less sugarbut still offering a the great taste our customers expect.

The new Healthy Living range will be available in store and tesco.com from Monday 6 January.

Notes to editor:
The launch will initially see the range promoted at 3 for 2 (except on sandwiches which are included in the Meal Deal offer) to help customers choose healthier options after Christmas.

All Healthy Living products meet the Public Health Responsibility Deal 2012 targets for salt.

No Healthy Living branded products are 'red' on nutritional traffic-light colour coding.

*Understanding traffic light coding: If you buy a food that has all or mostly green, you know straight away that it's a healthier choice. Amber means neither high nor low. The more green lights, the healthier the choice but these should be balanced with ambers to make sure you get a good range of nutrients.

A red light means the food is high in fat, saturated fat, salt or sugars and these are the foods we should cut down on. Try to eat these foods less often and in small amounts, whilst bearing in mind that products containing your '5 a day' could be high (red) in sugar due to the natural sugars present in fruit. We have ensured that many of the new products contain at least 1 of 5 a day where they did not previously. We will be the first major retailer to use stevia in our yogurts.

Tesco healthy living is a delicious range of healthy products crafted by our expert nutritionists, created especially for people who love great tasting food and want to manage levels of sugar, salt, fat and saturates.  Whenever you see our healthy living logo you can be assured that you've made a healthier, tasty choice. For more health advice and support visit www.tesco.com/healthyliving


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