Sherlock & Watson Beer Cylinders From Cream Supplies

These Academy 500ml cylinders from Cream Supplies were used by Sherlock Holmes’ as part of a carefully calculated strategy to ensure that he and Watson consumed the precise amount of alcohol to induce manageable merriment, rather than outright drunkenness, on Watson’s stag night.

Sherlock fans were alerted to their listing on Cream Supplies’ online shop through Wear Sherlock, dedicated to identifying and showcasing the clothes and props used in the current BBC series and linking fans to appropriate retailers.

The 500ml Academy cylinders are from Cream Supplies’ Bar Labware section (used by high profile cocktail bars worldwide) - and are priced at £2.93 (ex VAT) and £3.52 (inc VAT). However, a wide range of alternative sizes is available to accommodate all strategies and eventualities!

They are available for next day delivery from


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