Sweet Green Teas That Are Too Tempting To Resist

Twinings introduce their Sweet Green Tea range
 Gingerbread, Caramelised Apple and Salted Caramel

Twinings gives an irresistible sweet twist to a feel-good classic, as their new Sweet Green Tea range offers a collection of exciting new flavours that are just too good to resist.  For the first time ever, Green Tea becomes deliciously sweet and indulgent as Twinings takes a pioneering step by complementing favourite natural home-baked ingredients to this traditional green tea.

Great for those who want to try Green Tea but worried about the bitter taste - this new range is one to fall in love with instantly.

With just four calories per cup and a choice of three indulgent flavours to choose from, green tea suddenly becomes a daily treat that everyone will enjoy.

Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea
Imagine the sweet aroma of a traditional cake shop, fused with the tangy warmth of gingerbread, baked to perfection, sprinkled with real ginger pieces and oozing with a rich golden syrup flavour.  This is an entirely new take on traditional green tea. One that's utterly surprising... yet wonderfully familiar.

Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea
Sweet, but somehow slightly salty.  Fresh tasting, yet rich and warming. This tea is bursting with charismatic contradictions - accompanied by the most irresistibly indulgent notes of caramel. If you love the idea of green tea, but also like the sweeter side of life, this may be the blend for you.

Twinings Caramelised Apple Green Tea
The wonder of warm apple pie.  The sensation of freshly baked crumble. Few aromas can match the cosy embrace of these old favourites. Add notes of gorgeous golden toffee and a sprinkling of spice from real cinnamon and Caramelised Apple Green Tea becomes one of Twinings' most indulgent blends. Sink into the sofa, relax and let the day drift by.

Suddenly green tea becomes a daily pleasure that's a delicious sweet treat in a tea cup. Twinings recommends an optimum Green Tea 'brew time' of just two minutes, which is perfect for drawing out the delicate sweet sensations of these new teas (any longer than two minutes and all Green Tea becomes bitter).  So with a tempting treat just two minutes away why not try them all.

Available from Waitrose & Tesco in packs of 20 tea bags from February 2014, RRP £2.49. Twinings new Sweet Green Tea collection promises to be an experience you just can't wait to indulge in.  For further information visit www.twinings.co.uk


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