Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Need an excuse to party in January? Chinese New Year is the biggest Chinese celebration there is, lasting for 15 days starting on January 31, 2014 and China’s number one beer export, Tsingtao (pronounced Ching Dow), has some cool party tips on how to host your own party to bring in the Year of the Horse.

Enjoy an authentic celebration and toast Chinese New Year with genuine import, Tsingtao Beer. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Tsingtao is a golden liquid brewed with rice and Laoshan Mountain spring water - its refreshing taste and clean flavour make it ideal served with food, especially spicy dishes.

To help you celebrate, Tsingtao is stocked in all major supermarkets across the UK priced around £2.29 for a 640ml bottle and £4.94 for 4 x 330ml.

Once the beer’s on ice, invite family and friends and follow these tips for a fabulous party:

Clean Your Home – according to Chinese tradition, cleaning the house will ‘sweep away bad luck’ which may have accumulated inside over the past year and the clean house is then ready for good luck to start entering again.

Decorate – red lanterns, streamers and balloons are ideal, red is the main celebratory colour and symbolises good luck. Try to arrange decorations in quantities of eight, as it’s a very lucky number in Chinese folklore.

Cook – create your own Chinese cuisine at home, healthier than a takeaway and your guests will be impressed. There are some easy to cook, authentic Chinese recipes here which are ideal for entertaining: http://www.tsingtao-beer.co.uk/explore#cook-chinese

Firecrackers – to really make your party go with a bang, set off some firecrackers, which are said to scare bad spirits away.

For Chinese recipes and further information about Chinese culture and Tsingtao Beer, please visit www.tsingtaobeer.co.uk, follow @TsingtaoUK and like http://www.facebook.com/tsingtaouk.

Yambui! (cheers).


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