Shaken Udder Strawberry Pancakes

Looking for recipes for Pancake day, here is a recipe from Shaken Udder using their brand new Strawberry Milkshake, samples are available so do let me know if you'd like to try.

Ingredients (makes 6 or 7 pancakes but the recipe is scalable if you want more, just double/triple the quantities)

* 1 free range egg
* 50g plain flour
* 150ml shaken udder strawberry milkshake of your choice (
* Butter or oil to fry in
* Toppings of your choice (suggestions below)


Mix ingredients in a bowl using a fork, whisk or blender - it should end up about the consistency of single cream, or slightly thicker if you want fat, fluffy pancakes and not crepes. You can add a bit more flour if you want it thicker or a bit more milk if you want it runnier for crepes.

Heat oil or butter in a frying pan. It needs to be very hot - if you're using oil, then when you tilt the pan, it should 'wrinkle'. The pan is rarely hot enough for the first one and it is normally chef's privilege to eat it straight out of the pan!

Pour in about 3/4 of a ladleful of batter, it should start sizzling and the edges sealing more or less straight away. If you want crepes, then swirl the batter round in the pan to cover the whole base in a thin layer.
If you want fluffy US-style pancakes, then pour it in slowly so it doesn't spread too much. If you have a big enough pan you can do a few at a time.

As it cooks, you will see it going solid from the edges in - when most of it looks like it's not liquid any more, flip it over, it should by this point be golden brown on the base. This takes about 30 seconds-1 minute, less as the pan gets hotter as you make more pancakes.

It'll want about the same or a bit less on the other side - when both sides are golden, it's done.

Pile it up in layers with any berries you like and strawberry or summer fruit syrup drizzled over the top. Add ice cream as well if you like!


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