New Year, New Product Launch!

Blackberry Vinegar is now available and joins the line up with Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Blackcurrent.
All the Fruit vinegars use Alan`s unique multi award winning Roman and Ancient Greek vinegars as the base, adding to the quality of these products , and to the point of difference in flavour to anything in the market place.

Alan took 10 years to develop his globaly unique Ale Gar ( brewed from a 15th century Ale recipe once drank by Queen Elizabeth 1st) and matured for 6 years ( the only British and biggest contendour to an Italian Balsamic vinegar in history !), his Roman and Ancient Greek vinegars,  both produced from late harvested grapes, turned into wine and infused with herbs and spices favoured in those periods of time before maturing for 6 years.
Non of the historic vinaigres products contain any added sugars, or artificial addetives and have a multidue of uses and are available directly from his dedicated website and on-line store, or available for deli`s, stores and restaurant operations..

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