A Granola For Every Breakfast! New Multi-­Flavour and Texture Organic Granolas from Nature's Path

Nature's Path has created a wonderfully moreish range of organic granolas, available not only in four tasty flavours but also in two deliciously different textures. Each features a blend of rolled baked oats, mixed with a nutritious combination of nuts, seeds and fruit.

Pumpkin & Flax Seed and Coconut & Chia Seed have a 'nice and crumbly' texture. They're noticeably finer than most granolas, meaning that they're not only delicious with milk, but are also perfect for sprinkling on top of fruit, or stirred into yogurt for an alternative breakfast treat.

Fruit & Nut and Honey & Almond have the well-loved 'nobbly' texture of granola, that's ideal for anyone looking for extra 'bite' in their breakfast cereal.

Pumpkin & Flax Seed is a wholegrain mix of pumpkin seeds (known for being high in fibre) and flax seeds, which are a great source of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. Blended with rolled oats, a pinch of cinnamon gives this granola a warming, subtly spicy 'lift'.
Coconut & Chia Seed beautifully combines flavoursome coconut flakes and those health food favourites, chia seeds - which not only add flavour, but are also an excellent source of fibre and omega-3. Added to the baked rolled oats is a sweetening drop of smooth natural vanilla.
Fruit & Nut is a tasty combination of raisins and dried cranberries, mixed up with rolled oats, crunchy roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds. This high fibre granola also has dried coconut and a dash of warming cinnamon for an added hit of flavour and spice.
Honey & Almond blends deliciously sweet and mild clover honey with crunchy roasted almonds, rolled oats and tasty high fibre chia seeds. It's a flavoursome mix with just the right balance of sweetness and crunch.
All four variants are available via Ocado and Amazon. The two nice and crumbly variants are also available from Waitrose stores nationwide. £3.00 RRP for a 325g pack. www.naturespath.co.uk @naturespath

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