Womersley Add a Great Tasting Twist to Cocktails

The quintessentially British fruit vinegar brand, Womersley, are celebrating in their very own unique fashion after winning five Great Taste Award stars this week - with a jubilant glass of fizz, flavoured with their sensationally fruity products.

Two of the flavours – Golden Raspberry & Apache Vinegar and Strawberry & Mint Vinegar – were entered into the cocktail mixer category and both came away with two coveted stars. The third success was for Orange & Mace which collected a single star in the vinegar classification.

Organised by the Guild of Fine Food, the annual Great Taste Awards, are the acknowledged benchmark for the speciality food and drink sector. Over 49 days, between April and July, more than 500 expert judges worked in teams to decide which products were worthy of one, two or three-stars. With just one third of the 10,000 entries receiving accolades, collecting two stars is a significant achievement which places Womersley in the top 10% of entrants.

Rupert Parsons said, “I'm thrilled with our Great Taste success this year. It was something of a gamble to enter two of our vinegars into the mixer category. However, we have collaborated with a number of mixologists on cocktail recipes and the infusions work incredibly well. We've refined the concept of a classic 'shrub' and updated it for a contemporary audience. I'll certainly be having a tipple, to celebrate our achievements.”

Womersley's range of fruit vinegars is like no other and the perfect ingredient for anyone eager to try something unexpected. The relaunched collection of nine products contains 25% less sugar, which allows the key flavour profiles to tantalise your taste buds even more! Comments from the judging table at the Great Taste Awards described Womersley's vinegars as 'perfectly balanced', 'with good body and complexity' and 'a unique idea that delivers beautifully' – plenty of good reasons to raise a glass. Cheers!

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