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Exclusive Single Malt Whisky makers, The Dalmore, renowned as a driving force in single malt whisky innovation, have once again demonstrated their calibre with the release of The Dalmore Quintessence, the first and only single malt whisky in the world with a five red wine cask finish. This limited edition release is a truly exceptional and unique expression.

The Dalmore distillery was founded by Sir Alexander Matheson in 1839 with the vision to create exceptional single malt for the world's most discerning whisky lovers. To fulfil this vision, the distillery has been entrusted to an unbroken chain of exceptional whisky creators who have pioneered the art of maturation and cask finishing, breaking new ground repeatedly at the highest level for over 175 years.

Richard Paterson, regarded as the greatest and most creative whisky maker of his generation, has been at the helm of The Dalmore for nearly five decades. Every ounce of his intimate knowledge of what can be achieved with The Dalmore, coupled with an unparalleled expertise in rare, exclusive and unusual casks have made this release possible.

Paterson commented: “The Dalmore has a unique new make spirit and maturation conditions.  This inspires me to push the art of the possible with The Dalmore.  The Dalmore Quintessence has been a long-term project which I am delighted to share with the world. It is a combination of two of my great passions, The Dalmore distillery and exceptional red wine.”

To demonstrate his unrivalled passion to challenge the boundaries of whisky creation, Paterson went to the vineyards of California to painstakingly search for five different types of red wine cask in which to finish this whisky.

Following an extensive period of maturation in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, the spirit was split across  the five hand-selected casks which had individually held; Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. These casks were then specifically placed within Warehouse No2 at The Dalmore distillery to ensure the perfect environment for the wine casks to impart their distinctive characteristics into the whisky.

After a further unprecedented five years finessing, the five casks were brought back together to create a unique and rewarding masterpiece.

The Dalmore Quintessence, the only single malt whisky in the world with a five Californian red wine cask finish, it is the perfect embodiment of a true master's art.

Exclusively available in Selfridges from 28th July, followed by selected whisky retailers from 12th August.  RSP, £1000.  

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