A Scoop of Devon with Salcombe Dairy's Classic Flavours

It's a well-known pastime that when the sun shines in South Devon, everyone flocks to one of Salcombe Dairy's parlours or one of their many stockists, for their favourite ice creams, frozen yoghurts and sorbets. This summer, Salcombe Dairy's classic flavours, including Honeycomb, Madagascan Vanilla, Peppermint Chocolate Flake and Rum and Raisin, are being scooped up as fast as ever.

A perennial favourite and known for its sweet chewy crunch, Salcombe Dairy's most popular flavour Honeycomb is selling as well as ever. Salcombe Dairy is proud to have been the first UK producer to make this ice cream. Made by blending a mix of cream and milk from local farms, delivered fresh every morning, with a generous scattering of brittle honeycomb, it's no wonder this simple yet delicious favourite makes up, along with Madagascan Vanilla, half of Salcombe Dairy's business.

Bespeckled with vanilla seeds straight from the pods of the orchid plant in Madagascar, Salcombe Dairy's Madagascan Vanilla ice cream uses Devon milk and cream to create this true classic. Both gluten and egg free, Salcombe Dairy only uses the best ingredients to create these ever loved classics.

For chocolate devotees, both Salcombe Dairy's Peppermint Chocolate Flake and Rich Belgian Chocolate will hit the spot. The Peppermint Chocolate Flake is made using clear peppermint oil and Belgian chocolate flake, which is then added to their creamy ice cream.  All of the ingredients and flavourings are entirely natural, which is why you it's not green! Their Rich Belgian Chocolate ice cream is what is says on the pack, fine Belgian chocolate with 70% cocoa is melted and stirred into the ice cream.

Last, but never least, is the favourite among adults, Salcombe Dairy's Rum & Raisin. Californian raisins, steeped in Captain Morgan's rum for 3 days until they are plump and full of flavour, are scattered amongst Salcombe Dairy's Devon ice cream to create a rich, indulgent scoop.

All of these flavours are available from Salcombe Dairy's shops, in Salcombe, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Dawlish and independent retailers, farm shops and delis across the South West (RRP £4.99 for a 500ml tub).

Salcombe Dairy, established in 1981, uses only the finest ingredients and sources local products where possible. Making ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurt, all of their products are free from gluten, egg, artificial colours and flavourings; they also have a vegan suitable sorbet range, including a decadent chocolate sorbet.

For further information on Salcombe Dairy please visit www.salcombedairy.co.uk, email info@salcombedairy.co.uk or call 01548 843228.  Follow Salcombe Dairy on Twitter @salcombedairy and 'Like' on Facebook, Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream.

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