50 Years Of The Parma Crown

Special Industry Event on 18th April to Celebrate the Parma Ham Consortium's Golden Anniversary.

To mark the date the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma was first founded, a special Parma Ham tasting event will be held at Borough Market, the UK's most renowned food market, on Thursday 18th April. Industry guests will be invited to a guided tasting of the different ages of Parma Ham matched with complementary Italian wines. 

The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma was established on April 18th 1963 by 23 producers who joined together to safeguard the product, its tradition and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Now the Consortium consists of 150 producers of Parma Ham and exports the product across the world, with the UK continuing to be a major market.

On 18th April, guests will enjoy a tasting of the different ages of freshly sliced Parma Ham served with a range of Italian produce sourced from Borough Market. The market has been in existence since the 13th Century and has grown to over 100 individual stalls, selling a variety of quality, sustainable British and international produce. At the event, Joe Gazzano, owner of the prestigious Gazzano's delicatessen in Farringdon, will introduce each age of Parma Ham and demonstrate the unique art of hand slicing. Selected Italian wines from Bedales, will also be sourced from the market and introduced by highly acclaimed wine expert, Jane Parkinson. http://www.janeparkinson.com/

Wines to be kindly supplied by Bedales. http://www.bedaleswines.com/

For more information on Parma Ham, please visit www.prosciuttodiparma.com


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