Black Tea Gets A Pukka Makeover

This spring, make your every day brew extra special with Pukka Herbs beautiful new trio of Fairtrade and organic black teas. Perfect Day, Good Morning and Gorgeous Grey embody everything that Pukka stands for; working directly with farmers and expertly blending the finest ingredients in deliciously nurturing ways.

As Fairtrade teas, they give back to the community. As organic teas, they give back to Mother Nature.

Commenting on the launch of the new tea, Sebastian Pole, co-founder, Herbal Director and head tea blender at Pukka Herbs, said 'In the UK we really are a nation of black tea lovers and so we wanted to create something really special for everyone to enjoy. I have sourced these delicious teas from some amazing places around the world and each tea has its own Pukka story whether it is the incredible taste released from the whole leaf tea or the unique herbs and essential oils they have been infused with to bring you the best that nature has to offer. I hope they will bring a bit of Pukka joy into everyone's day'.

Perfect Day
Organic whole leaf with ginseng and licorice
Perfect Day brings together Pukka's delicious whole leaf Nam Lanh tea, wild-harvested from the Vietnamese rainforests, with full-bodied and sweet ginseng, licorice and maca. This tea is deliciously smooth and sweet with an earthy depth.

The special blend of ginseng and maca help to tackle stress and give a slow releasing energy boost - this cup of tea is the perfect way to lift your day.

Gathering this beautifully bright tea offers the H'mong and Zhao tribes an alternative to growing opium and a chance to take more control of their lives. 

Good Morning
Organic whole leaf English Breakfast tea
Pukka found our delicious whole leaf Nam Lanh breakfast tea in an extraordinary place. Growing freely in the wilds of the Vietnamese rainforest, the young leaves are hand-picked from ancient tea trees by tribal people to create Pukka's Good Morning tea. This rich and strong tea is a perfect morning brew.

Gathering this deliciously rich tea offers the H'mong and Zhao tribes an alternative to growing opium and a chance to take more control of their lives.

Gorgeous Grey
Organic whole leaf earl grey with a hint of lavender
Gorgeous Grey comes from Dunsandle, one of India's highest and oldest tea plantations that grows some of the finest tea from a single source. The age (150 years) and altitude of the tea bushes enrich the high quality and special nature of the blend, as only a small volume of bushes are found at this height.

Pukka marries this whole leaf tea with aromatic bergamot oil, sweet lemon and a caress of lavender to create Gorgeous Grey. This delicious tea has a delicate, zesty and floral taste - a perfect afternoon indulgence! Gorgeous Grey contains only delicious essential oils and is free from any flavourings.

RRP £2.29 for 20 sachets


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