Exhibitor Show Highlights At The Natural Food Show 2013

The Natural Food Trade Show at Natural & Organic Products Europe returns to London's Olympia on Sunday and Monday, 7-8 April 2013. The following is just a taste of some of the latest natural, organic, Fairtrade, sustainable, free-from and special diet food and drink products being introduced at this year's event.

At a time when more and more consumers are wary of buying canned seafood products, a rapidly growing brand called Wild Planet Foods is re-defining the category for a new health and eco-conscious generation (stand 4080H, USA Pavilion). With strict quality control, Wild Planet Foods sources its premium line of tuna and other canned seafood products primarily from the pristine waters of the North Pacific. Exclusive use of pole and troll tuna fishing techniques eliminates the by-catch commonly killed by the long-line and FAD purse seine methods.

TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton (known for her appearances on ITV's This Morning and UKTV's Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses) will be speaking in the Natural Food Kitchen at 11am on Sunday 7 April about her forthcoming new book Eat, Fast, Slim, and demonstrating some juicing and smoothie recipes using Tribest's range of juicers and blenders. Tribest specialise in health appliances for the home and Amanda is their newly appointed ambassador for the UK (Savant Distribution, stand 3043).

New exhibitor The Chia Co will be introducing its range of 100% chemical free Chia products to the UK market on stand 7015. Chia is the richest plant-based source of Omega 3, protein and fibre, and loaded with antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. The Chia Co can guarantee the quality of the seeds, as they grow their own in the pristine Kimberley region in Western Australia, and are the world's largest producer of natural, raw chia seeds. This year, The Chia Co is inviting attending press for a personal consultation with celebrity nutritionist Vicki Edgson at the show. To make a booking, please contact belinda@thechiaco.com.au.

Little Big Shot (Pure Health Innovations, stand 3040) is a new healthy energy drink, specially designed to meet active lifestyle challenges. Great tasting, it has a potent blend of energy-boosting berries, botanicals and vitamins. But it's the revolutionary inclusion of Deep Ocean Minerals - a natural source of carbon-free energy packed with ionic minerals and trace elements - that's currently capturing the attention of natural food buyers not just up and down the country but worldwide. It contains no caffeine, taurine, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings.

New and exclusive to the iconic Tick Tock brand is a uniquely delicious brew that will delight the senses, comfort the soul and put a healthy smile on consumers' faces. Inspired by a traditional family recipe, this new Tick Tock Rooibos Honey Lemon & Ginger Tea imbues the smooth taste of rooibos tea, with the mellow sweetness of honey, the refreshing zestiness of lemon, and the warming zing of ginger. Visitors to stand 7054 will also get a chance to see Dragonfly Tea's vibrant new packaging for 2013.

For the fifth year, the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London will host a French Pavilion at the show. The ten participants for 2013 include Arcadie (stand 6012I), which specialises in the production of aromatic and medicinal spices and plants; Clarelia (stand 6012J) - a family-run business, which produces free-from ready meals (frozen and ambient); Combier (stand 7012A) - a distiller and producer of fruit liqueurs; Decollogne (stand 6012H), which has been producing premium organic flour since 1840; Emile Noël (stand 7012B), which has one of the world's largest ranges of first cold-pressed organic virgin olive oils (plus nut oil, seed oil, and organic flavoured oils); Les Délices du Chef (stand 7012F), which produces crêpes, blinis, buckwheat galettes and filled pastry parcels and has a new gluten-free range; Les Jardins de Gaïa (stand 7012E), the largest supplier of organic and fair-trade tea in Europe; Lou Bio (stand 7012C) - an organic-biscuit manufacturer, which distributes palm-oil-free sweet and savoury organic snacks, organic baby food, dried milk, cereals and juices; Marinoë (stand 7012D) - a pioneer in France's edible-seaweed market, which offers fresh and ambient seaweed-based products; and Saint Jean (stand 6012G), which produces organic, fresh speciality quenelles and pasta, including ravioli, for the retail and catering markets.

Pukka Herbs will be sampling its beautiful new trio of Fairtrade and organic black teas on stand 3050. Perfect Day, Good Morning and Gorgeous Grey embody everything that Pukka stands for; working directly with their farmers and expertly blending the finest ingredients in deliciously nurturing ways.

The Sili Company (stand 4080, USA Pavilion) is the mom-founded company sweeping through the US and Canada, with its reusable, silicone food pouches - the Sili Squeeze™ and the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze™. Made of the highest quality materials, which are 100% toxin-free, the original reusable squeeze pouch, with a spill-proof spout™, is the perfect addition to any parents' cupboard. Refill the Sili Squeeze™ with any healthy puree, smoothie or mash for on-the-go goodness.

Perkier Foods is a new brand specialising in gloriously gluten free food. PERK!ER's nutritious and delicious porridges launches nationally at this year's show on stand 9061. The range includes 'first to market', added value gluten free porridge pots (just add hot water), and porridges in multi-serve boxes. Also on show for sampling are PERK!ER's bread and treats range, which successfully launched in Whole Foods Market stores last year.

Australian health food brand SlendierSlim - Healthy Eating Made Easier (stand 6093), has developed a nutritious and low calorie substitute to regular pasta, noodles and rice. The Konjac-based range offers a low calorie, low carb, low GI, gluten free and high fibre alternative and is helping Australians live healthier and happier lives and lose weight, one meal at a time. Containing no wheat, flour, gluten or eggs, the SlendierSlim pre-cooked range includes: SlendierSlim Pasta Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Organic Fettuccine, Wok Ready Noodles and Rice.

Lucy's, maker of high-quality gluten-free baked treats, will be showcasing their Snack'N Go Packs on stand 6024. Available in Snack'N Go Chocolate Chip and Snack'N Go Combo varieties, these packs offer heavenly sweets for people on-the-go and provide a wonderful accompaniment to lunches and picnics. The Snack'N Go Chocolate Chip contains six bags of Chocolate Chip cookies, while the Snack'N Go Combo provides two packs of the Chocolate Chip, Maple Bliss and Chocolate flavours. Lucy's is the fastest growing gluten free biscuit brand in the US.

Friland - a daughter company of the Danish Crown Group, is the biggest wholesaler in Europe of organic and welfare meat products. Friland works with over 1,400 farmers, who are dedicated to supplying quality meats that are produced with both regard for the environment and the welfare of animals. 2013 is Friland's 20th anniversary in the organic pork production business, and to mark the celebrations they'll be showcasing a new range of ground breaking, high quality dry cure bacon products, along with cooked and dry cure hams, on stand 6008.

A 16-man delegation from seven natural and organic companies has been organised by the Department of Agriculture Republic of Philippines to participate in this year's new Philippine Pavilion (stand 4090). Products for promotion include organic rice, organic coffee, organic coconut, coco cream, coco milk, coco flour, desiccated coconut, coco sugar, fresh/frozen fruits such as pineapple and its by-products, cardava 'saba' banana, organic vinegar, sweet preserves, jams and jellies from raw materials (such as mangoes, guavasa and calamansi), chutneys, sauces and condiments.

New exhibitor Global Bounty Limited specialises in innovative free from food products from around the world. This year they'll be launching a new range of delicious gluten, egg and soya free mayos, gluten free sauces, and ambient stable soya desserts (under the 'Really' label). Also new to its portfolio is an exciting range of Ginger Chews - Mango, Peppermint, Orange and Original - which are available to sample on stand 9037.

Happy Kitchen is a natural food company that provides guilt free and decadent treats. All products are gluten and wheat free, sweetened with natural fruit, vegan, and are made using 50%+ organic ingredients. Happy Kitchen currently supplies four flavours of natural brownies to wholesalers throughout the UK and Europe. It'll be sampling its brownies throughout this year's event on stand 8080G (Vegan Society Pavilion), including experimental flavours not yet released.

Biologicoils is a new brand launched specifically to mill olives and crush seeds, using long-established, traditional methods to produce invaluable, essential nutrients (stand 5070A, Italian Pavilion). Distributed by Biotuscany throughout the international market, the organic range includes: extra virgin olives oils from Italy and the EU, seed oils, extra virgin olive oil (flavoured), balsamic vinegar, balsamic cream of vinegar, dressings, pesto, and sauces.

Lovechock (stand 8080J, Vegan Society Pavilion) launched its raw chocolate bars in Amsterdam a little over three years ago and is already the No.1 raw chocolate brand in Europe. According to Biovista, it's the fastest growing organic newcomer product in Germany. Now available in the UK, the five delicious varieties (all packed in a 100% recyclable packaging) are handmade from the best organic raw cacao from Ecuador - a natural source of flavnoids and 'Lovechemicals'. Lovechock uses low glycemic coconut blossom nectar, and is free from gluten and soya.

Amy's Kitchen UK was started by Andy and Rachel in 1987, when their daughter Amy was born. A family run business, it is deeply committed to producing convenient, healthy prepared foods that taste homemade. At this year's show, Amy's Kitchen will be introducing five new products to their range. VIP secret sampling of new products (and old favourites) will be taking place at 11.30am and 3pm on both days on stand 6070. All products are vegetarian and cater for a variety of special diets.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, Clearspring will be showcasing its authentic range of products from inspirational producers. New launches for 2013 include market firsts like an organic matcha green tea blend, instant white miso soup paste, organic wasabi powder and a traditional Japanese, naturally sweet drink called amazake. Visitors to stand 6060D (Organic Trade Board Pavilion) are invited to sample its delicious products and learn more about how to use them in everyday recipes.

Azimut-Vester will be introducing delicious, pure, natural raw crackers from the Golden Apple brand on stand 9015. Based in Slovenia, the company aims to promote ecological awareness and create nutritionally-rich and tasty products. Packed with pure, healthy and lasting energy, these organic, vegan, gluten-free crackers are ideal for work or home lunches, as delicious snacks at parties, or as a dessert for children and adults.

Sojade (Triballat Noyal, stand 6028) is aiming to amaze visitors' taste buds with its delicious fresh new rice-based varieties, combining fruits with the smoothness of rice. The three delicious recipes include Apricot; Mango & Passionfruit; and Strawberry & Blackcurrant. Also new for 2013 are two innovative on-the-go chocolate and vanilla soya desserts, which come with a convenient straw and are perfect for lunchboxes. Organic Sojade desserts are dairy, gluten and GMO free.

New, beautifully presented chocolate flakes and flavour bars join Plamil Foods' extensive range for this year's show (stand 7060). Combining free from and ethics is what Plamil do best. Made in its own 'free from' factory using only organic/fair trade cocoa, all Plamil products are dairy, gluten and nut free. The sleek new packaging design across the whole brand looks set to ensure the strong sales growth continues.

Good Karma Foods will be introducing its new line of dairy-free drinks on stand 9103. Made with the finest natural ingredients, including cold pressed, unrefined flax seed oil, the products are dairy, lactose, gluten, nut and soya free, as rich in calcium as dairy milk, low calorie, zero cholesterol and, above all, delicious. Suitable for a vegan diet, the drinks contain very high levels of omega 3, coupled with added vitamins for bone health.

Rio Trading Company is re-launching its Rio Amazon tea range in fully biodegradable cardboard tubes at this year's show. Teas include Pau d'Arco, Quebra Pedra, Graviola, Yerba Mate, Cat's Claw, Damiana; as well as lesser known South American botanicals. It will also be introducing a new 2013 Rio Rosa Mosqueta counter display, with free gifts for every customer, as well as the new-look GoGo Guaraná range. Visitors to stand 4027 can enjoy refreshing tasters of Green Magma and Magma Plus, testers and samples.

Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil and Sabah Seaweed will be presenting premium native products from Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo, on stand 6095. Sabah Seaweed (also known as 'Sea Bird's Nest') has a nutritional value that is much higher than bird nest and all other kinds of seaweed. It contains ten times more collagen than bird nest; 28 times more iron than liver; 37 times more calcium than dried anchovy; and can be made into a drink or pudding, or mixed with salad greens and fresh vegetables.

Derived from hugely nutritious hempseed farmed in the UK, GOOD HEMP Foods (stand 8080F, Vegan Society Pavilion) produce a range of delicious health foods that make exciting alternatives in the kitchen. The nutty flavoured GOOD OIL boasts 25% more Omega 3 than olive oils, with only half the saturated fat. The GOOD Hemp Milk offers a delectable alternative to dairy/soya. Whilst the GOOD SEED (available in four flavours) can be enjoyed as an on-the-go snack, or used to add flavour and crunch to almost anything.

Called the hottest new product in healthy confectionery by industry experts, V-Tality BVBA's exclusive 100% natural xylitol mints will leave customers with a big and beautiful smile on their face. They are made with only the purest ingredients, and contain no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. Backed by scientific research, Xylitos® Mints are a great tasting way to effectively help prevent cavities. Visitors to stand 7097 will receive a free product, as well as a 15% introduction discount on all orders in 2013.

Miracle Noodle (stand 4080F, USA Pavilion) is the premier, calorie free, soy free, gluten free, Kosher Shirataki noodle. Miracle Noodle caters to a wide range of different demographics - from diabetics and celiacs to bodybuilders and for weight loss. With the largest variety of Shirataki noodle shapes on the market, Miracle Noodle Penne and Miracle Noodle Dry Shirataki are the newest additions to the healthy Miracle Noodle line of noodles and rice.

Finland's Four Sigma Foods aims to bring the world's most researched and longest used foods to everyday modern life. Medicinal mushrooms (eg reishi and chaga), which have been overlooked mostly due to the inconvenience to consume them, are among these superfoods. New to the show, Four Sigma Foods will be introducing the world's first mushroom-based caffeine-free instant beverages on stand 7096. They are an effective, ecological and easy-to-use choice for any busy and health conscious individual.

This year's new Argentine Pavilion (stand 7028) will include five natural and organic companies. These include Miditerra Organic, whose extra virgin olive oil from Mendoza is ranked in the 'Top 50 of the World's Best Olive Oils'; Muller & Wolf, producers of flavoured gourmet dressings (Elderberry, Raspberry and Cassis); Chia seed producer Nutraceutica Sturla; Building Bridges, creators of traditional dulce de leche (milk caramel) and other delicious products; and OIA, a leading Argentinean certifying organisation.

Natural Balance Foods (stand 6090) will be showcasing two new product ranges at this year's show, alongside its existing range of fabulous snacks. With six new flavours, an improved recipe and bright new packaging, the TREK Protein Flapjacks combine yummy, gluten free oats and protein crunchies to keep consumers feeling fuller for longer. Similarly, the Nakd Crunch bars have a new 'crunchy texture' and contain a delicious combination of fruit, nuts and protein crunchies, all smooshed together into a handbag friendly bar.

This year, the Hemani General Trading brand is launching onto the UK market, with a sensational range of products that have been perfected over 54 years (stand 6097). A quality premium brand at supermarket prices, the range includes Wellness Teas designed for major and minor ailments, Slimming Teas, and 18 different single ingredient teas. Products include the 14-day 'Perfect Diet' challenge box, which includes three separate herbal teas to be taken daily, plus an assortment of Green Tea infusions to excite even the greatest of tea sceptics.

Launching in the UK this year is high end Manuka Honey brand Wedderspoon Organic UK (stand 6023). Family-run Wedderspoon sources some of the world's finest, raw, organic mono flora honeys from the pristine pastures and rugged mountains of New Zealand's South Island. Because it's raw, all the natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and activity in the honey remains unaltered and intact during packaging. New for 2013 - Honey on the Go Travel Packs, containing 24 single servings of Wedderspoon's bestselling Raw Manuka 16+ honey.

Natures Choice is a special brand of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from new exhibitor Virgin Coconut Industries (Pvt) Ltd (stand 7036). Hand-picked on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, fresh organic coconuts are cold pressed to produce this miracle oil, which has a delicate flavour that reflects its natural purity. Coconut oil is endowed with medium chain fatty acids that release instant energy, build up the immune system and speed up metabolism, making it a favourite among sportsmen and women; and those mindful of their weight and health.

Seafisk - SNACKFISH® are prime dried Haddock fillets, skinless and boneless and cut into light bite-size pieces, which are ready-to-eat from the pack (stand 9054). Great for boosting energy, they are a healthy, tasty, and fresh in appearance, delicacy snack, which is great to fill the gap when hunger kicks in. Produced in Iceland and containing only fish and salt (and nothing else), it is high in natural protein (83.8g), high in Omega-3 and low in fat.

Wholebake Ltd will be launching its brand new range, with a definite twist, from 9bar (stand 6035). Wholebake's unique savoury 9bars are packed with at least 75% delicious seeds and come in four great varieties - Anglesey Sea Salt; Cracked Black Pepper; Sweet Chilli; and, only for the brave, Firecracker Chilli. All varieties are gluten, dairy, and wheat free, are suitable for vegans, and contain less than 2g of sugar or saturated fat per bar.

Rochester drinks is launching a new Summer refresher aimed at serious 'Gingerholics' this year. Rochester Root Ginger is a potent and invigorating drink that packs a real kick, made from organic Ginger and Citrus fruit (Original Drinks, stand 8065). When the sun shines serve chilled, when the cold winds blow, serve piping hot as a Tea (for a great Ginger Tea, pour a measure (⅕th) and add four parts more boiling water. Suitable for vegans and coeliacs, and Soil Association certified Organic.

Nuwell Health & Wellness (stand 7080) produces state-of-the-art multi-patented kitchen appliances that deliver the highest nutritional food value. Blending and juicing are becoming mainstream today, and Nuwell's grinding and blending technology, and low RPM, extracts and preserves more nutrients. The Fountain Juicer™ and The Nutty Juicer™ are one-of-a-kind, low wattage, green products that demonstrate superior technology - bringing superior nutrition and fun to the kitchen.

Jalles Machado - Brand (ITALIA), one of the largest exporters of organic sugar from Brazil, is participating on this year's Organics Brazil Pavilion (stand 4070). The Organic Crystal Sugar produced by the Jalles Machado Sugar Mill is totally free from chemicals and any toxic contaminants (ISO 22000 certified).

Filberts Bees is asking this year's show attendees to make thousands of bees happy this summer, with a special promotion to grow free 'Seed for Bees' (free packs available for early visitors on stand 8028C, South West Food & Drink Pavilion). With 100 hives in Dorset, Filberts Bees knows that good food is vital to the honey bees who pollinate its cyder orchard, and provide them with artisan honeys; plus wax and propolis for its balms, salves and polishes.

Con Marche Bio was founded in 2010 to promote products and organic companies from the Marche region, in Italy. Exhibitors on stand 7005 at this year's show include Terra Bio Societa Cooperativa - the first certified organic and fairtrade Italian cooperative, which specialises in raw materials and finished products (pasta, cereals and pulses); and Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola, which has been producing certified organic pasta, made using renewable sources of energy by a cooperative of farmers, for over 40 years.

ICEA certified Pantaleo Agricoltura, based in Pozzo Faceto, Apulia, in Southern Italy, produces a range of high quality organic products. Exhibiting on stand 5070C in the Italian Pavilion, the company will be showcasing its renowned long-life tomato - Pomodoro Regina, and its unique Tomato Sauce. Pantaleo Agricoltura was the first company to market Pomodoro Regina as an organic product, and in 2010 it became slow food product.

Sweetia was created out of a need to fill a gap in the artificial sweetener industry, promoting a healthier lifestyle, without giving up the pleasures of a sweeter life. Exhibiting for the first time on stand 8058, Sweetia's stevia products include powdered extract; flavoured and natural liquid extracts; horeca sachets; organic stevia leaf (in bulk and retail varieties); and spectacular stevia-sweetened organic fruit jams and chocolates.

Award winning organic food manufacturer, distributor and supplier, What On Earth, has made exciting changes to its range of organic pizzas (stand 7074). The company has retired some of its old flavours and introduced four new ones - the Piccante, Pescheria, Miabella and El Greco. The company is also showcasing four new luxury organic granolas, which are made with agave syrup, and its new lusciously creamy Organic Vanilla Custard.

Containing the highest concentration of açaí on the market (over 50%) - AÇAI DO BRASIL is the only açaí berry drink, which really gives consumers the benefits of this spectacular super fruit (stand 9099). Açaí do Brasil® is a 100% natural pure fruit drink, containing no additives or preservatives. High in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, it's made from wild açaí berries and mixed with pure organic guarana extracts and organic fruit.

Happy People Planet will be showcasing its unique range of organic and fairtrade snacks at this year's show on stand 9009. New recipes for 2013 include: cashews (with chilli, with cream & onion, with salt & pepper, or coated with white chocolate and yogurt); Spanish almonds coated with dark (or white) chocolate and coconut; candied ginger coated with dark chocolate; South African pecan nuts coated with milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder; and Spanish raw almonds coated with 72% raw cocoa solids.

The Vegetarian Society UK will be showcasing a wide variety of products, which carry the prestigious Vegetarian Society Approved Trademark (including food, drinks, cosmetics, and household goods) on stand 7076. The Vegetarian Society Approved team will be on hand to explain how to apply to use the prestigious trademark for products and menus, and will be full of information about exciting associated products.

Yum Yum Bros' Oh My Goodness! 'anytime' bites and bars contain the finest all natural ingredients, including flaked oats, English spelt, seeds, flax, honey and real pieces of vine fruits and berries (all wild and not refined). New to the show this year, visitors can sample Fruit Explosion, Berry Blast and Tropical Granola, on stand 7070. All products are free from preservatives, additives, nuts and dairy, and are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Natural & Organic Products Europe, taking place on 7-8 April 2013 at Olympia, London, includes four show sections: Natural Living, Health & Nutrition, Natural Beauty & Spa and The Natural Food Show. The event is free to attend for pre-registered trade visitors and relevant press representatives only.

For more information and to register, please visit www.naturalfoodshow.co.uk and quote priority code NPE1328 (http://www.eventdata.co.uk/Visitor/NPE.aspx?AffiliateCode=NPE1328  ).


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