'Discover The Origin,' A Celebration Of Five Precious Food And Drink Products With Real Provenance

In the current climate, it is refreshing to be able to rely on five key European food and drink products whose heritage and methods of production date back thousands of years, namely, Douro Wines, Port, Parma Ham, Bourgogne Wines and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese.

These fine products from Italy, France and Portugal are a celebration of man's quest and passion for exceptional quality, relying on expertise that has been practised and perfected throughout time.

The modern-day consumer wants to be informed and know exactly where their food is coming from, how it has been produced and what it contains. The modern consumer no longer relies solely on the accuracy of labelling on the products they purchase. Instead, today's consumer is turning to products that are steeped in a history of quality assurance, traceability and transparency; products that they can rely upon to be authentic due to their reputation, longevity and stamp of quality.

Parma Ham, Bourgogne Wines, Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, Douro Wines and Port have all received the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) stamp of approval, certifying that they have passed multiple quality-tests as well as strict rules on methods of production and origin. Products that do not meet the superior quality requirements and stringent regulations will not benefit from PDO status.

So when you are next out shopping, do keep an eye open for the PDO stamp as this guarantees the authenticity, provenance and quality of the products you are about to consume!

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