'Christmas Crackers' From Bonne Maman

For some festive inspiration this season, look no further than the beautifully illustrated household favourite, Bonne Maman The Seasonal Cookbook. ‘Jam-packed’ with savoury and sweet contemporary recipes, revealing the versatility of cooking with the best Conserves, Compotes and Marmalades, the Seasonal Cookbook is also a wonderfully unexpected source of creative ideas on how best to use your iconic empty jars…

With their signature red and white gingham lids, the Bonne Maman empty jars are perfect for stylish storage – fill with festive sparkles, sequins and stickers for Christmas Card making with the kids. An Advent Calendar with a twist… why not try filling 25 of the adorable 30g Bonne Maman miniature jars with a sweet little treat for each day of the month? For more handmade home décor, use empty jars and lids as novel candleholders, scattered around the house for a warm Christmas glow. For festive foodie gifts, fill jars with homemade fudge or other goodies - complete with pretty tags and ribbons for a personal touch!

For information on all of the above products, recipes and inspiration on what to do with your beautiful empty Bonne Maman jars visit www.lovebonnemaman.co.uk.


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