Will The Supermarkets Follow Steve's Leaves' Example?

Steve's Leaves has responded to figures released today by Tesco that 68 per cent of salad bags are thrown out - 35 per cent of it by customers - by reiterating its commitment to producing salads in smaller bags ranging from 50g to 60g, which can all be used in one serving.

Before its launch in 2010, a huge amount of research into the leafy salads industry about portion size was carried out by Steve's Leaves to ensure waste was kept to a minimum. Says Dr Steve Rothwell, founder of Steves Leaves: "Food waste is a major problem for the leafy salads industry but as a brand we are committed to reducing food wastage by making sure that our salad bags are suited to our customers' lifestyles and are used in one serving, rather than languishing open in the fridge for days before being thrown in the bin."

Steve's Leaves is a branded range of washed and ready-to-eat bagged leafy salads including a Stupidly Tasty Mix of Pea Shoots & Baby Leaves and An Entirely Glorious Mix of Baby Watercress & Little Leaves.  All Steve's Leaves are grown slowly in natural light to ensure the highest quality leaf is achieved.  The leaves are then harvested, washed only in spring water and packed in Hampshire air. The leaves are ready to eat straight from the bag and perfectly portioned to minimise waste. RRP £1.40 for 60g bag.

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