Cocoa Runners - Chocolate, Created, Discovered, Enjoyed

Great chocolate is created like great wine. It's crafted, not manufactured. It's grown, not processed. It's savoured, not swallowed. And there is a great story behind every bean, every bar and every taste.

For chocolate fans that want to go beyond the world of simply dark, milk and white but don't know where to start, Cocoa Runners is the answer. Not only does it deliver hand-picked craft chocolate bars directly to your door each month, it offers unique access to insightful tasting notes and information on the process and the makers.

The experts at Cocoa Runners have scoured the globe to find the best craft chocolate the world has to offer - all natural, no additives, made with high quality, ethically sourced beans by highly skilled chocolate makers from Brooklyn to Budapest, Cleethorpes to Copenhagen, San Francisco to Saigon.

Cocoa Runners will take you on a journey. Selecting bars according to a different theme every month, each box provides members with the opportunity to directly compare bars and learn more about the chocolate they like. Tasting notes on each bar will help you to understand how and why the bars differ and develop your knowledge of craft chocolate.

Box one, Origins, will show how just like with grapes and wine, different varieties of cocoa bean and variations in soil and climate can have a marked impact on the flavour of the chocolate. Members' first taste of Cocoa Runners features Pacari RAW - an earthy Ecuadorian, Menakao Milk Chocolate - a citrusy Madagascan, Marou Tiên Giang - a spicy Vietnamese and Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest - a fruity Bolivian. Boxes based on Textures and Intensity will follow.

As well as receiving a box of carefully curated bars each month, members will have exclusive access to the Cocoa Runners online shop, where you'll be able to purchase your favourite bars and special offer boxes, as well as discover more distinctive products from different artisan bean-to-bar makers around the world.

Chocolate is a social food. We eat it with our friends, our family and our colleagues. Share your bars on the sofa with a loved one, take them to a dinner party and compare tasting notes or impress your colleagues with your newfound chocolate knowledge. If you can't bring yourself to share one of your bars, in every Cocoa Runners delivery there'll be a square of chocolate specially designed for you to pass on to the person of your choice, to spread the craft chocolate message.

Cocoa Runners - love great chocolate, join the club.


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