Throw The Perfect Cocktail Party With Opies

Each year it can be easy to dread the thought of throwing the perfect New Years party. But with Opies' wide range of products that will spice up a number of drinks to make sure you can throw the best night for your guests.

First off, why not try a spicy yet festive addition to your cocktail selection by creating a variety of drinks with Opies Stem Ginger. It is a tasty addition to a Ginger Fizz, made from cranberry, apple, finely chopped Stem Ginger and cider, which will be a festive favourite at any party. For an extra ginger kick, why not drizzle the ginger syrup from the jar into the drink as a final touch. The Stem Ginger syrup can also be a delectable treat put in a Ginger Snap Martini, made by mixing Vodka, Ammeretto, syrup and topped off with Opies Crystallised Stem Ginger.

Opies Sliced Lemons can make a zesty addition to a huge variety of drinks from a simple Lemonade or Coke for the children or to a gin and tonic for the adults. The kids can enjoy an exciting non-alcoholic cocktail, such as a Virgin Sangria made from lemon juice, orange juice, apple juice and a spritz of lemonade which can be topped off with one of Opies sliced lemons and sugar spread around the ring of the glass.

Opies lemon slices are also the perfect addition to a Lemon Drop Shot. Made from lemon-flavoured vodka, Cointreau liqueur, lemon juice and sugar placed around the edge of a margarita glass, you will wow guests with the perfect contrast between sweet and tart flavours in this cocktail.

Opies Cocktail Cherries make any celebratory cocktail special this New Years. Make a luxury Manhattan by drizzling the syrup of the cocktail cherries in the drink before finishing it off with a cherry on top. Or perhaps your guests would prefer to follow in the footsteps of James Bond and enjoy a Martini to welcome in the New Year? Finished the drink off with a few of Opies Stuffed Cocktail Olives. Or try your luck with a Sake Martini using Vodka rather than gin and topping off with Opies Cocktail Onions and Ginger Syrup drizzled over them for a spicy kick.

Opies cocktail cherries can also be a delicious addition to any cherry flavoured drink, whether it's a Srewdriver with cherry vodka or a cherry brandy on the rocks. They will make any drink that little bit more special this New Years.

So why not let Opies take the stress out of your New Years parties and use their products to make simple yet tasty treats to take you and your guests into 2014.

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