Saturday Morning Thai Cookery Course?

Join an elite group for 3 hours of facts, fun and tastings from Curry King Pat Chapman, consultant to Blue Dragon products, author Thai Restaurant Cookbook

After a welcoming tea or coffee, and crackers & chilli dips, the group handle the all-important Thai ingredients, then experience mixing, grinding and frying ingredients for Green Thai Curry Paste.  For a mid morning tasting, we make SOM TUM SALAD (Papaya) and it's exquisite Thai dressing.

Then it's onto the main course: THAI GREEN CHICKEN CURRY, using the fresh paste we made earlier and we show the right way to cook rice noodles for PAD THAI, with beansprouts immersed in a fragrant sauce.  A fast-to-make vegetable dish is tasty PHUKETT GREENS, with garlic, red chilli and oyster sauce.

We make a novel BLACK & WHITE RICE using Jasmine Rice and Thai Black Rice.

All cooked from scratch, followed by a good plateful of everything for each to enjoy, with free wines. Full colour recipe sheets included.

Note:  Thai food contains peanuts and seafood items.

Exclusive to each booker via Food4media channels:
Two free books: a Pat Chapman Cookbook, author-signed, and the Cobra Good Curry Guide, ditto.
£75 per person. £140 for two. Attractive Presentation Voucher(s) supplied.

Vouchers (valid for 12 months) available by post until 22 Dec (by e-mail to 24 Dec) from       


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