Nando's Christmas Gifting Range

This Christmas, Nando's is set to put fire in your belly with a range of flaming hot gift ideas that will add a sprinkle of PERi-PERi cheer to family festivities.

From Nando's Chilli Seed Planters, to Sizzler Pans and Chip & Dip bowls, the Nando's gifting range guarantees PERi-PERi lovers a very, Merry Christmas.

Nando's XX Hot Mug
RRP £10, available at Debenhams
Know someone who likes to live life to the extreme? Or even better, someone who is brave enough to stomach Nando's Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi? Then this XX Hot Mug Gift Set is the perfect stocking filler! The set includes a ceramic 'Hot' mug and 125ml bottle of Nando's Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi Sauce.

Nando's 1 Litre PERi-PERi Sauces
RRP £16-18, available at Debenhams and Boots
With this range of 1 litre PERi-PERi sauces, dinner time will never be the same again!  The 1 litre bottles bring the passion of PERi-PERi and the warmth of Africa into your home, whether it be in a casserole, on your beans or in a sandwich! The range features Medium, Hot and Extra Extra Hot litre sauce bottles, which all include drizzler caps to provide easy access for self-confessed PERi-PERi addicts.

Nando's PERi PERi Table Trio
RRP £12.50, available at Boots
Nando's PERi-PERi Table Trio is the perfect gift for those looking to add some extra heat to their plate! The
set comes with PERi-PERi Chip Sprinkle,  125ml Medium and Hot PERi-PERi sauce bottles with drizzler caps for easy pouring and a handy table stand to keep your fiery little trio pride of place during every meal.

Nando's Chip & Dip Bowl
RRP £20, available at Debenhams
Spice up cosy nights in this winter with the Nando's Chip & Dip Bowl set. The gift includes an oval ceramic chip bowl, a round ceramic houmous dish and a jar of fiery PERi-salsa. It'll be love at first bite! No kitchen is complete without a Nando's Chip & Dip Bowl.

Nando's Sizzler Set
RRP £22, available at Debenhams
Take your PERi-PERi prowess to the next level with this Nando's Sizzler kit. The set comes with a cast iron
sizzler pan with a debossed Barcelos Cockerel logo and an 125ml Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce bottle flavoured with Nando's special ingredient - the unique African Bird's Eye Chilli. This gift is guaranteed to fire up creativity in the kitchen!

Nando's PERi-PERi Sprinkler Set
RRP £8, available in Boots
Forget all those spices in the cupboard that never see the light of day, the staple you need in your spice rack is Nando's PERi-PERi Chip Sprinkle. Simply sprinkle this medium-spiced delight on chips, roast potatoes, wedges or even salad and pizza, to liven up even the dullest of dinners. The mixture of African Bird's Eye chilli (the magic PERi-PERi ingredient) paprika, cayenne pepper and salt gives a unique, exciting flavour and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The Barcelos debossed ceramic sprinkler pot means it can be kept centre-stage at the dinner table, ensuring PERi-PERi lovers will never miss the chance to spice up their meal.

Nando's Chilli Planter
RRP £12.50, available at Boots

Buying for a green-fingered spice lover this Christmas?? Look no further! This Chilli Planter by Nando's is the perfect gift this Christmas. The set includes a ceramic Nando's planter and African Bird's Eye chilli seeds to grow your own chillies and a 125ml bottle of Hot PERi-PERi sauce for good measure.


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