First Ultra-Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hits The UK

The UK's first power-packed ultra-filtered extra virgin olive oil is set to take the food world by storm.

New Isabelina Premium has been launched by Isabelina Trading Company to satisfy a soaring growth in UK olive oil consumption coupled with consumer demand for healthier products.

A revolution in olive oil production, the unique ultra-filtration method removes all impurities and sediment from the oil without affecting flavour and crucially levels of the health-boosting anti-oxidant nutrients.
The superior standard Isabelina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil now offers discerning olive oil fans in the UK a true mix of tradition and technology packed into a superb quality Spanish oil.

Isabelina product co-ordinator Nuria Villarrubia-Mendoza said: "Imagine taking a freshly pressed rustic olive oil and then removing all the sediment, but leaving in the glorious colour and aromas as well as the power-packed Maslinic and Oleanolic acids, and good anti-oxidant boosting polyphenols, all of which are known to boost health. That's what you get with Isabelina Premium.

"Traditional filtering of olive oil is known to have a detrimental effect on both taste and eventually nutrition.  The more you filter oil, the weaker it gets.  Also the ultra-filtration process removes the non-essential polyphenols that are linked to the ripening of the fruit and can cause a bitter taste in the mouth."

As well as keeping the flavour and healthy nutrients locked in, the ultra-filtration process, which had previously been confined to the laboratory, increases storage properties leading to a longer shelf life of up to two years with little or no degradation.

Now thanks to a pioneering process that can replicate the ultra-filtration process on a larger scale, unique ultra-filters can also remove micro-particles in the olive oil which can affect the flavour, colour, texture and acidity.

The new oil, which is set to take the food industry by storm, takes its name from the beautiful "Isabelina Butterfly", named and dedicated to Queen Isabella II of Spain and found in the fertile world-renowned sierras of Jaen province, where the olives are harvested.

Director of Isabelina Trading Company, Gordon Simpson added that another key feature of the ultra-filtered premium extra virgin olive oil was traceability.

He said: "Consumers are rightly more discerning following recent scares in the food industry and want to know the origin of everything that ends up on their plate.

"Many olive oils on the market today, even extra virgin oils, are blends of oils from different parts of a country or even a different country all together, with some big brand names unable to state the exact country of origin on their food labels.

"At Isabelina, we can trace our olive oils down to the exact area and even grove from where the olives originate.  The olive oil ultra-filtration plant is located in the heart of the olive growing area, so the time from harvesting to pressing and then ultra-filtration is also kept to a minimum.

"The fundamental core of all our products is provenance, clarity and traceability and we can demonstrate the life-journey of all our oil products - from the co-operative farmers who tend the groves through to the expert oil technicians at the ultra-filtration plant through to your home."

According to the Office of National Statistics olive oil consumption in the UK has been rising steadily over the last 19 years and the UK now consumes 28 million litres of olive oil each year, all of which is imported. Half of UK homes now use olive oil, with extra virgin olive oil being the most popular.

ITC is led by two husband and wife teams - one resident in North East England and the other in Malaga, Spain.

Isabelina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available to buy online at and through Amazon.


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