2014 Espresso Italiano Championship

On Friday 3rd October 2014 from 10:00am – 4.00pm, the Italian Espresso National Institute's (INEI) Espresso Italiano Championship 2014 will take place at the RAC in Pall Mall.  16 top baristas from 14 espresso companies and organizations around the world demonstrate their skills to be crowned Espresso Italiano Champion 2014.

The competition stands out amongst the coffee community, as it judges the skill of the professional barista not their showmanship.

The INEI is responsible for the protection and promotion of original espresso through a product certification, and member companies can use the Italiano Espresso guarantee. Carlo Odello – Communications Manager for the INEI – sees London as a hub for coffee trends, a key reason for the location of this year's championship:

''The UK has an incredible market that is growing so fast. Coming to London means being in the centre of the coffee world today and having the opportunity to see the future of the market''

Each barista represents one INEI company or organisation: Mokarico, Altogusto, Astoria, Milani, Costadoro, Essse Caffè, Filicori Zecchini, La Genovese, Wega, Torrefazione Satumo, Torrefazione Caffè Michele Battista, Torrefazione Caffè Schreyoegg, International Institute of Coffee Tasters – Japan, International Institute of Coffee Tasters - Korea.

Each barista has 11 minutes to prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos. A technical judging panel of skilled professionals from the Italian coffee industry will grade them while a sensory judging panel of four officials from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters will  sit in a separate room to let the coffee speak for itself.

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