Mello The UK's First And Only Raw, Fresh Melon Juice - The Latest Trend In Raw Juice: Great Tasting And Bursting With Health And Fitness Benefits

Mello ( is the UK's first and only range of raw, fresh melon juice.

Great tasting and bursting with health and fitness benefits, Mello captures the goodness of a whole melon in every bottle, harnessing this wonder fruit to create a completely unique drink. The next generation of juice brands, Mello is set to become the latest trend for consumers thirsty for the new coconut water.

Every drop of Mello is naturally alkaline, low calorie and zero fat. Unapologetically natural, it is rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, rehydrating, repairing and replenishing as nature intended, with no added sugar, sweeteners, water or preservatives.

Mello is available in two unique varieties, Watermelon and Cantaloupe. Each has its own unique properties and specific health benefits as well as the vibrant colour, sweet-smelling aroma and mouth-watering taste of the raw fresh fruit. 

Distinctly different, Mello is not created like other juices, it is produced using the cutting edge technology of High Pressure Processing (HPP). Determined to bottle only the purest, most delicious melon juice, the brand's Founder Rose Aldean spent over a year on research and development before perfecting the production process.

Mello shuns traditional juicing methods, which damage the taste and health benefits of the melon. It isn't heat pasteurised, which can destroy the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in fruit. It isn't a cold pressed juice, which is filtered and sometimes has additives. Mello harnesses innovative HPP to create a juice that maintains the natural and raw goodness of fruit.

HPP is one of the most advanced food technology processes available. After being skinned, deseeded and juiced, the raw melon is subjected to a high level of isotonic pressure. This inactivates the microorganisms that cause decay whilst retaining the nutritional value and keeping the juice fresh throughout its shelf life.

Equally delicious, both Mello varieties have their own unique benefits:

Mello Watermelon is one ofthe best natural aids when working out. It rehydrates, speeds metabolism, detoxifies and is rich in potassium and L-Citrulline, which aids muscle recovery. Packed full of nutritional benefits that fuel and rejuvenate the body, it is also great for staying refreshed in the sun and for providing a boost to those suffering from the excesses of the night before!
Beauty in a bottle, Mello Cantaloupe is bursting with Vitamin A, C and antioxidants. It promotes healthy, glowing skin, boosts the immune system and provides an energy kick to combat fatigue.
Available from Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and other independent stores (RRP from £2.49)

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