Terre a Terre Chef Matty Bowling Celebrates The Best Of Sussex Alongside Local Producers And Restaurateurs At Food Lab, Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Festival

Chef Matty Bowling of Terre à Terre jumped at the opportunity to partake in 'Food Lab' an event pairing chefs with producers to create unique, creative and experimental dishes as part of the Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Festival this September 9th.

The result was a wonderfully creative dish marrying the concepts of Terre à Terre cooking with the passionately blended coffee of Small Batch Coffee Company and the up-cycled product Oyster Mushrooms grown on used coffee from Espresso Mushroom company. Coffee and cocao dumpling rammed with oyster mushrooms, pinenuts, silver birch currants served with a mushroom chino layered with pickled Jerusalem artichoke, onion purée and macadamia nuts. The event was a challenging concept that delivered spectacular results with everyone creating outstanding dishes.

Food Lab challenged Brightons most creative chefs and the county's best producers to join together to create a fusion dish or product for a one-off tasting event at 64 Degrees:

Boho Gelato (Seb Cole) with Cocoa Loco (Sarah Payne)
Blackdown Spirits (Sarah Thomson) with Jeremy's Restaurant (Jeremy Ashpool/Jimmy Gray)
Ridgeview (Mardi Roberts) with The Chilli Pickle (Alun Sperring)
La Cave a Fromage (David Deaves) with Boutique Et Salon De Thé (Julien Plumart)
64 Degrees (Michael Bremner) with Harveys Brewery (Bob Trimm/Edmund Jenner)
Terre a Terre (Matty Bowling) with Small Batch Coffee (Alan Tomlins) ( Espresso Mushroom Company)
Terre à Terre, The Vegetarian Restaurant, 71 East Street, Brighton.


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