Are You Man Enough For This? Shaka Zulu Challenges You To Try Their New Buffalo Meat Whiskey Cocktail - Hidden Traces!

Hidden Traces is the new meat cocktail that pays tribute to all the different game meats available in the Shaka Zulu food menu.

The drink is made with clarified Buffalo consommé

Buffalo Trace whiskey aged in oak barrels with balsamic vinaigrette, vermouth and maple syrup reduction


Buffalo Trace whiskey

Buffalo meat Consommé

Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette

Byrrh Sweet Vermouth

Maple syrup

Dehydrated Lemon and Orange Zest

Garnished with fresh grilled buffalo strips and famous South African Droewors

Thanks to Chef Stephen for creating an amazing Consomme!

Visit Shaka Zulu in Camden ( between 1-30 September 2014 for your chance to try Tony Safqi's latest whiskey cocktail innovation. 


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