Learn To Create Festive Raw Dishes At The New Explore Raw Christmas Cookery School With Stephanie Jeffs

Love cooking? Love Christmas? Why not learn how to create a range of gorgeously festive raw dishes, that promise to rid the guilt of over indulging without taking the spirit away from this special time of year!

Taking place 13th December 2014, from 2.00pm - 8.00pm in Old Street, London, the Festive Eating with Raw Foods module from Stephanie Jeffs new Explore Raw Cookery School will bring to life the recipes from her popular Raw Christmas ebook, as well as treating guests to a gorgeous candlelit dinner.

Stephanie said: “In Christmases gone by I would have happily gone 'non-raw' for a few days as it was always the easier option. However this usually means taking your eyes off the healthier options and just going for it! While this can be fun, it wasn't how I wanted to spend Christmas – bloated and with a New Year of regret! I decided to play in the kitchen, and conjure up some curious and interesting raw recipes, loaded with taste, fun and Christmas cheer!

“It's quite handy that at this time of year there's an abundance of lovely nuts and dried

fruits around to help, and warming spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. On the Festive Eating with Raw Foods module, you will learn a selection of recipes that will help with entertaining, the big day itself and, of course, fridge raiding! Let's face it. It's not just Rudolph that likes a midnight snack!”

Festive Eating with Raw Foods is the fourth and final module of the Explore Raw Cookery School for 2014. Starting in September 2014, you can pick and choose depending on your skill level and interests, or even sign up for whole package! Stephanie will cover everything from learning the basics of a healing raw foods diet, to preparing the more complex and themed dishes. All recipes are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and produce is organically sourced where possible.

Getting Started With Raw Foods Module I - September 20 14:00 – 18:00, £149.99 - Beginners recipes from across Stephanie's entire ebook range

Living with Raw Foods Module II - November 29 10:00 – 18:00, £199.99 - Main dishes and warming comfort eating for winter, plus chocolates and a range of snacks

Entertaining with Raw Foods Module III & Festive Raw Foods Party - December 5 18:00 – 22:00 £149.99 - Recipes from Stephanie's ebook 'A Raw Christmas' including fridge raiders and party favourites

Festive eating with Raw Foods Module IV & Candlelit Christmas Dinner - December 13 14:00 – 20:00 £189.99 - Recipes from Stephanie's ebook 'A Raw Christmas' including fridge raiders and party favourites

The full Explore Raw Cookery School Programme - All dates - £675.99

What will I learn at Explore Raw Cookery School?

All you need to know about a cleansing, healing raw foods diet

How to explore a raw diet without going insane – or making yourself ill

About nutrition and the naturopathic qualities of foods

Explore ingredients and superfoods and learn about their superfood status

How to create a raw kitchen and what equipment is essential and non-essential

How to create your own juices and smoothies

Gain the skills that will help you to prepare dishes like raw cheesecake, spaghetti bolognese, curry and a range of sweets, chocolates and main courses

How to make a range of my signature dishes

How to prepare foods for vibrant entertaining including party foods, festive eating and family suppers

What will you get from Explore Raw Cookery School?

A fully certificated experience

Absolute confidence with preparing raw living foods as part of a healthy lifestyle

The tools and recipes you need to transition from a juice fast to clean eating

A soulful experience as well as grounded, structured training

The ability to prepare a range of dishes including plates from my signature range

The know-how to prepare all these dishes in your own home

The ability to open a fridge and see a raw healthy meal without panicking

Take aways including ebooks, a Cookery School special menu and bonus materials

All your raw food creations to take away

Knowledge to help you prepare a range of raw food essentials including nut milks, breakfasts, snacks and cheeses, party foods, main courses, juices and festive dishes

The knowledge of essential raw food preparation techniques

An exclusive Explore Raw Cookery School apron

A list of kitchen essentials and a summary of my favourite gadgets

Discount codes for a range of kitchen essentials

Membership of VIP club for life

Discount codes for Raw Juice Camp and Explore Raw Retreat and lots more!

For more information please visit www.exploreraw.com where you can book online and find out more about Stephanie Jeffs and the complete Explore Raw offering including bootcamps, retreats, e-books and VIP coaching.

For further information and imagery, please contact Rhianon Williams on rhianonwilliamspr@gmail.com or by calling 07595702953.


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