Great Taste Supreme Champion 2014 Is Awarded To Raspberry Sorbetto From Snowflake Luxury Gelato

Raspberry Sorbetto made by Snowflake Luxury Gelato, London, has been declared the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2014. Out of 10,000 products entered into Great Taste 2014, the Raspberry Sorbetto took the highest accolade at the Great Taste Golden Forks Dinner, where over 300 guests from the world of fine food gathered to hear the result which catapults Snowflake Luxury Gelato into the culinary spotlight.

This year Great Taste, our 20th year of the competition, was the biggest with more entries than ever before.  As always, our judges had the task of finding the most exquisite food by blind tasting and conferring over each individual entry.  We know that the Great Taste logo is an established and trusted mark; for producers it reflects their hard work and commitment to making superb tasting food and drink, and for consumers it is a recognisable, simple and clear logo that confirms they are buying the most outstanding products on the shelf,$B!I(B explained John Farrand, MD of the Guild of Fine Food, organisers of Great Taste.   

Snowflake Raspberry Sorbetto has been blind-tasted and judged as one of the Top 50 Foods by a host of expert food judges, including the Head of Food at Harrods, sponsors of the Great Taste Supreme Champion award, and many other buyers from the most prestigious food stores in London and throughout the UK.  

The Raspberry Sorbetto, which is fat-free, dairy-free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, was described by Karen Barnes, editor of delicious magazine and one of the Great Taste judges, as having the flavour of the fruit, the leaf, the entire bush and another judge as like a walk through a pick-your-own field and yet another judge exclaimed the Sorbetto as $B!H(Bgiving a raspberry rush to the head.  

Made by hand using artisan skills, Snowflake Luxury Gelato Gelataio (gelato chef) makes Sorbetto and Gelato each day and uses seasonal fruits to make recipes including the Raspberry Sorbetto. With three London gelato boutiques, one in Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, one in Wardour Street, Soho and a concession at Harvey Nichols, Snowflake Luxury Gelato is an example of traditional Italian artisan skill combined with a chic, innovative and contemporary approach to speciality food. 

Snowflake Luxury Gelato             0203 697 1269

Great Taste is all about taste. It is not about packaging or smart design.  Judges are simply presented with food or drink to taste and they provide valuable feedback to thousands of producers each year.  For a producer to win a Great Taste 1-star award is a great achievement, to win 2-stars means that many judges have been bowled over by the product, and to win a 3-star Great Taste award is comparable to a chef winning a Michelin star. It simply is seen in the world of fine food as a hallmark of taste, quality and excellence.

Since 1994, Great Taste has been organised by The Guild of Fine Food and over the last 20 years over 90,000 products have been blind tasted by judges including top restaurateurs, chefs, food critics, fine food retailers, buyers and cookery writers.

Great Taste 2014 facts

10,000 different products entered (Great Taste entry is capped at 10,000)

More than 400 professional judges who search for the wow foods

Weeks of judging in Northern Ireland, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Devon and Dorset

3,381 products awarded 1-,2-, 3-star awards 

153 products presented with the top 3-Star Great Taste 2014

List of Top 50 Foods    

NINE Golden Fork Awards for Best Regional Speciality  

ONE Supreme Champion

What do Great Taste judges look for? 

They look for great texture and appearance. They judge the quality of ingredients and how well the maker has put the food or drink together. But above all, they look for truly great taste. Working in small teams, experts taste 25 foods in each sitting, discussing each product as a coordinating food writer transcribes their comments directly onto the Great Taste website which producers access after judging is completed. Over the years, numerous food businesses, start-ups and well established producers have been advised how to modify their foods and have subsequently gone on to achieve star status. Any food that a judging team believes is worthy of a star is judged by at least two further teams. Only when there is a consensus will a star be awarded.  For 3-stars, every single judge attending the session, which can be as many as 40 experts must unanimously agree the food delivers that indescribable wow factor.


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