For Extra Glamour - Go Gourmet This Christmas

Splash on something extra special

Let it drizzle this Christmas! Avlaki Superb Organic Olive Oils have created the perfect finishing touch for foodies over the party season. They have put together a presentation pack, which features two of their organic finishing oils. Pop under the tree as a gift for food lovers, take it for your party hostess, or treat yourself to something completely different to dress up your festive feast.

Spoilt for choice

Try not one, but two of Avlaki's exceptional finishing oils. In the contemporary presentation box is Agatheri Groves (Great Taste 2014 and 2013 gold one star) and its sister oil, Avlaki Groves. Each distinctively different and both equally memorable and produced to the highest British quality standards. Agatheri is a complex and sophisticated oil with a long finish while Avlaki is grassy and fruity with peppery notes.

Fresh from the groves

Avlaki's oils are produced from the olives of groves on Lesvos Island in Greece. They are handpicked and milled in December - when they are at their optimum for great taste - under the watchful eyes of artist Deborah MacMillan and broadcaster Natalie Wheen. They are then bottled as soon as possible, back in Britain. Avlaki's oils, including Lesvos Groves - their high quality, general purpose olive oil - are certified organic.

Natalie Wheen, from Avlaki Superb Organic Olive Oils, commented: "As you would expect, at Avlaki we use both olive oils all of the time, whatever the time of year. At Christmas time, food and drink plays a huge part in the celebrations. So why not explore the different characters of our two finishing oils by using them on your dishes over the festive season. Drizzle on salads and baked fish, or use it to dress your steamed festive vegetables - yes, even brussel sprouts!"

Awards - Great Taste 2014 and 2013 gold one star for Agatheri Groves and Great Taste 2014 gold one star for Lesvos Groves.

The gift set - featuring 250ml bottles of Agatheri Groves and Avlaki Groves - has an SRP of £26. They are available to buy online at and at stockists across the UK.


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