A new arrival has been spotted in the big glass bottles at Demijohn but is so elusive we are only whispering about it. Wild Bullace Liqueur has arrived but given the elusiveness of the bullace berries there is only a very limited supply making this a blue moon liqueur.
Wild Bullace is a very unusual and unknown British hedgerow fruit that belongs to the plum family. Similar to a damson, the Bullace is a deep coloured, rich, dry fruit which tastes delicious when steeped in gin. Produced in Worcestershire, Demijohn believes this is the only Wild Bullace fruit liqueur in existence. Bullace is very unpredictable in its growth so for years there will be no fruit at all. However luckily for Demijohn, in 2013 the Bullace flourished and a new batch of Wild Bullace Liqueur has been made.

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It has a damson-like fruity taste with a very slight bitter twist and pleasant dryness and is delicious drunk after dinner, from a hip flask or as the basis to a cocktail – the Wild Plum Bellini. Building on the idea of an original Venetian Bellini, Demijohn has developed a truly British cocktail. One measure of Wild Bullace Liqueur is poured into a champagne flute and topped up with Prosecco and fresh plum puree and garnished with mint. This devastatingly delicious cocktail will kick start any celebration.
Angus Ferguson from Demijohn said: “At Demijohn we are nuts about using hedgerow fruits and flowers to produce original and delicious drinks. Our Wild Bullace Liqueur is exactly the type of unusual fruit liqueur we love and as well as for drinking it can be used as the basis for many cocktails and rich sauces. We have only had Wild Bullace Liqueur on tap twice before in our 10 years of Demijohn, so this really is a rare species. The 2013 vintage won’t last long, so hurry to get your hands on some!”
Wild Bullace Liqueur is priced from £5.40/100ml and is available in the Demijohn shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, York and Oxford or online from: 


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