TV’s Anthony Worrall Thompson leads praise for Spice Drops®

Smarter way to flavour food and drink
authentic spice and herb flavours

TV chef Anthony Worrall-Thompson has added his voice to the array of high profile UK foodies who have heaped praise on Spice Drops® - the revolutionary liquid spice food and drink flavouring range from Holy Lama Naturals.

Chosen by Ocado as one of its five ‘top supplier of the year’ the Spice Drops are now available to buy at Ocado. Spice Drops® provide chefs and home cooks with authentic spice and herb flavours in the handy form of liquid drops.

Highlighting their authentic flavours and ease of use, Worrall-Thompson said:

“Spice Drops are a super innovation. I love that ‘just picked’ taste and the way you can mix and blend without any of the traditional prep involved, such as grinding or scraping. It gives me more time to play around with spice flavours. There will always be a place in my kitchen for fresh spices – but there’s also space for these drops, too.”

Spice Drops® are now being used by UK cocktail bars, chocolatiers and bakers. As a new advocate of the Spice Drops® range, Worrall Thompson joins many of the UK’s high profile foodie writers and chefs, including Cyrus Todiwala, Atul Kochhar and Tom Kerridge.

Well known chefs and food bloggers to have created recipes using Spice Drops® include Suzy Bowler, Jacqueline Meldrum, Chintal Kakaya, Pat Chapman, Keith Kendrick and Helen Best-Shaw.

Dan Toombs, one of the UK’s most highly respected curry bloggers said:

“I've even gone so far as to make my recipes using only the spice drops instead of ground and whole spices. They taste amazing and are perfect for any style of cooking where spices are required.

“I highly recommend Holy Lama Spice Drops to home cooks and professional chefs. You will be amazed at the flavour a few drops of these concentrated natural spice extracts will bring to your cooking.

“Holy Lama Spice Drops are so easy to use too. Another added bonus is that they take up very little cupboard space and eliminate the need to roast and grind spices or prepare garlic, ginger or chilli pastes.”

Holy Lama Naturals, UK owner Gouri Kubair said: “Comments on Spice Drops® are still flooding in. It’s exciting to see how our range is starting to simplify the way people in this country flavour food and drink, in professional kitchens and also at home.”

Spice Drops are available to buy online at and at

See here for further Spice Drops® testimonials.

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