Avoid getting a hang over.

The simple way to avoid getting a hang over is simple do not drink too much. The problem with that is that after just one or two drinks after work you often fell relaxed. So you stay for one more, then another and soon you find that you do not care if you have had too much to drink, you are in fact drunk. And that is the problem with alcohol it dissolves away any sense of holding back and fills you with a invisible sense that you will not suffer any pain in the morning , that this time some how you will be ok .

And to be truth full if you drink to much then you will get a hangover of some kind no matter what you do. What you can to is try and combat what the alcohol is doing to you.

Get some thing to eat before you go out drinking. This help in slowing down the effect of the alcohol a little. It will not stop it from working but any one will tell you drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea.

A hard thing to get round your head is that alcohol dehydrates you. So drink plenty of water with what you are drinking. This will help keep you body balanced. If not water then drink orange juice instead this will help you as it also has vitamin C that will help you as you drink.

The other thing you can do is sue your common sense and think about what you are doing. So often you hear people say, I must not drink to much red wine as it gives me a bad head in the morning, or I like gin but it doe not like me. If you have drank things like this before and you know that you had a splitting head ache or was ill all the next day then do not do it again. Drink white wine or have vodka. Some drinks do seem to change the moods of some people’s character. All depending on the person so learn from what has happened in the past and avoid the problems that you have had before.

The truth is to avoid a hang over is some times be a little crafty in what you are doing. Once you feel the alcohol kicking in then just hold back. Get tonic water from the bar and drink that instead of an alcoholic drink. Pace your drinking with the amount of time that you have to be and the amount of alcohol that you consume. Do not get pressured in to drinking more as every one else is jut take it steady and you will be alright in the morning.

The thing is that if you are going to drink then you must realise that you will if you consume to much probably suffer some kind of hangovers. Some people get hangovers easily, some hardly at all. But if you drink you will get some kind of effect on you and your body and nothing can stop it from happening.

So take it steady and think do you really want just one more.


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