Real snack food

The very thought of snack food is some thing that annoys me and also excites me. Strange as that might sound it is the word snack food that annoys me. Snack food is something that seems to be a bad thing in this day and age associated with fast food or processed fatty foods, full of sugar and salt.

The sad fact is that the real snack food that you can have can be more than that. If you want the most basic and tastes of all snacks that you can ever have is a apple and some cheese. Nothing more and nothing less than that. An apple and a nice piece of cheese. My favourite for this kind of snack is a piece of mature farm house cheddar or some good French brie. As fro the apple it has to be a good hard English eating apple like granny smiths.

It might sound very unsophisticated just a apple and some cheese but it is a classic. A apple ahs been served along the side of cheese ever since I can remember. I have spent many a time cutting an apple in to a swan to garnish a cheese board only to throw it in to the bin at the end of the night. But my liking for this snack dates back before my time working in catering.

My mother who was a child during the war loves very simple food and still does. Cheese was rationed and you could always get apples. Well my mum’s family could always get apples as they lived in a cottage next to a farm. Apparently her mother my grandmother used to take in washing in from the American air base. Then they used to give her chocolate for the children. And my grandmother use to sell the chocolate on the black market for extra rations. Or barter it for local produce such as cheese and eggs from the farm. It seems strange now and trying to explain such a thing to my kids seems almost abstract but it did happen.

Of course you can have different snacks of all kinds but one thing you can guaranty. No matter what village, town or city I am in, I can always get an apple and some cheese. And as people look for the burger bar or get the snack that they want. I can take these two common items. I can take them and sit in the sun on a summer’s day and eat and think of my mum and my grandma.

Not many snacks can do that.


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