Watercress soup.

This soup recipe is a watercress and potato soup, good in winter and in the summer.

This is a good recipe as it is one that is tasty and looks vibrant as long as you put the water cress in at the last moment before you serve the soup. That way you get a lovely green looking sop and a real fresh pepper taste from the water cress.

You will need

30g/1oz butter
1 onion
225g/8oz potato
570ml/1pt white chicken stock, vegetable stock or water
2 good bunches of water cress
290ml/½ pint of cream
Salt and pepper
Fresh nutmeg

First get you potatoes, the best for sup are the soft fluffy ones not to waxy as you want them to break up in cooking. Dice them finely and do the same with the onion. Now melt the butter in a saucepan and add the potato and the onions. Start by softening them in the butter then add the stock or water.

Once the potato has cooked and is breaking up you can either put it in a blender later to make a smooth soup or leave it as it is. Once you have done that then you add the cream and then season with salt pepper and nutmeg. Remember that the water cress gives a strong pepper taste to the soup so season only a little as you can always add but you never can take away. And that is the soup base.

Now all depending on if you are looking for a smooth soup or a rustic on will depend on how you finish the soup. If you want if chunky and rustic then simply chop up the water cress as finely as you wish to then add it to the hot soup. The water cress will just wilt in the heat of the soup and then you can serve it.

If you would like a smooth soup the put the water cress in to a blender. Add the hot liquid and potato in to the water cress and turn on the blender. You will see it transform from a pale of white to a rich vibrant green. Once every thing is all smooth then you can serve the soup.

If you can not get your hand on any water cress this recipe works just as well with spinach or leeks. And always with a good crusty bread.


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