26 July 2011

Despite the current climate of doom and gloom, the people of the Midlands -
and further afield, have shown that they are determined to get their just

The Birmingham Pudding and Dessert Club launched by locally-based event and
banqueting caterer Redcliffe has a waiting list for each of its events –
held in the Victorian splendour of the City’s renowned Botanical Gardens.

Redcliffe Director Colin Cook said,

“The Birmingham Pudding and Dessert Club has been an amazing success. Some
might find this enthusiastic reaction surprising – after all we keep being
told that we are all cutting back on eating out.

This is not our experience however. In times of recession, people need an
affordable treat to cheer themselves up – and when things are going well,
they want to celebrate. We provide a dazzling array of pure indulgence in
the form of our delicious desserts matched by a suitable dessert wine to
accompany the dish – and preceded by a tantalising main course.

The dessert selection is different for each event and really gives our chefs
the opportunity to experiment.

One of the features of the Pudding and Dessert Club is our inimitable master
of ceremonies Jason Pritchett who makes everyone feel relaxed and lose any
guilt complexes that they may have!

There is a lot of fun and enjoyment involved - and at the end of the
evening, we ask our diners to vote for the best desserts and to suggest new
alternatives for the next event.”

The Birmingham Pudding and Dessert Club began in 2009 and has attracted
hundreds of diners more than happy to pay £24-95 for a light main course, a
selection of up to 10 hand-crafted desserts and accompanying wines. Each
event is normally sold out in advance. The next event takes place on
Thursday 15th September.

To find out more about the Birmingham Pudding and Dessert Club, call
Freephone: 0800 389 8950.

Redcliffe Catering manages events, conferences and catering at selected
venues such as Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens and at its Town Hall, the
Birmingham Centennial Centre and the Royal Pump Rooms in Leamington Spa. It
also has a separate contract catering division with over 35 contracts around
the UK. and for more information about the event and catering facilities
operated by Redcliffe Catering, go to


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