Bubble and Squeak

A dish for the left over mash that you can knock up in a few seconds and enjoy at any time of day. Or even as a starter if you so like.

You will need.

1 onions, roughly chopped
Butter and oil, for frying
Two cabbage leaves
500g/1lg leftover mashed potato
12 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
4 eggs.

Dice your onions up and add a little butter and oil to a frying pan. Then cook the onions of so they are soft. Shred the cabbage leaves and add them to the onions and let them wilt a little.

Now take your cold left over mash potato, add that to the frying pan, and let it warm up. As it does work the onions and the cabbage in to the mash, so you get a good mixture. Now some people say you should let it get crispy on the out side and others say you should break that browned potato up and work that in to the mash. I do both, as soon as the mash gets a brown crust on it break it up and work it in to the mash. Do this about twice and then brown on both sides and the bubble and squeak is ready to eat.

As this is amount of bubble and squeak is for about 4 people grill about 12 rashers of smoked streaky bacon and poach one egg for every person. Then place you bubble and squeak in the middle of a plate. Lay three rashes of bacon round it to from a triangle and place a poached egg in the middle.

If you have no bacon or eggs just lay the bubble and squeak in a slice of bread and have it like that.


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