Thoughts on food and beverage

Such a vast and all encompassing title gives you the grated of scope to go on for an age about what is the subject of food and beverage. Were do you start and were do you stop as you could go on for ever.

Much as I probably could do I do not think that it would be for the best for no doubt, that as in life, every one would become tired of the subject before I would.

So to match a quota from the most famous chef ever Georges Auguste Escoffier “Above all, keep it simple.” That is what I intend to do and spilt it in to food and beverage.

So what is food, what is good food, good for you food, fast food and organic food. The list could go on and on. Food is what food it basically a fuel to keep you going. With out it you would die and that would not be at all good. And if that is the reason why we eat then why do we attach so much to what we get from it. Why are so many celebrations associated with food and eating. Food has a ritual and social befit to people lives, sitting down with your fellow man, your family and having some thing to eat exposes you on a more human level. To go back to our hunter gathering life style when we was on the plane after a day out on the savanna we would , if we was lucky, come back and every one would eat. The fact that we could eat would be a celebration in its self and that is, I think how it all started. We found out how to cook and grow and farm. That lead to settlements, villages towns and city’s .all on the back of food. Well not all on the back of food but it is a big corner stone to a reason why food is as important to us as it is. Now even more so as the population of the world grown and the food we have has to go to more and more people it will still be a mayor effecting influence in out lives and will continue to be so. So it does not matter if you live to eat or eat to live food is important to us all.

Now as to beverage well that is a little different. First we had water and like food with out that you soon die. It is more important to drink than it is to eat as you will die faster of dehydration than you would from starvation. But the thing about water is that well it’s a little dull. So the human who has always been an inquisitive and ingeniousness creature I think once added some fruit to some water and hay presto the beverage was born. No doubt realising that fruits could hold juice and add flavour to drinks they then tried to keep them for a while. Say the humble grape gather it and pack it all in to a jar and keep it for a while and you would have juice to add to water all year round. But some thing happened and when you drank the juice of the grapes you found that you liked the flavour and it did some thing to you. And that made you relaxes and feel happy. And then the whole alcoholic beverage business was born. And now ever thing is ether added distilled or mixed in a cacophony of drinks and beverages that you find it hard to get a handle on just how many actually exist. And some of the most expensive for what they are seem to be bottled mineral water.

So there you have it , a few thoughts on food and beverage .


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