A simple Chicken forestiere

Now I know lot of different ways of cooking this like so many dishes it has many different versions and this is just one. I also make it with red wine and no cream just good honest stock, just as good.

1 chicken breast
A handful of dried mushrooms  
1 shallot
1 garlic clove
Some butter
Some flour
½ glass white wine
A shot of cognac
Double cream
Salt and pepper
A sprig of fresh thyme

Now the first thing to do is soaked  the mushroom to let them re-hydrate and then drain of the water but keep the soaking juices.

Now take some flour and season with salt and pepper then cut the chicken breast into strips and dust the pieces of chicken breast cut into strips with seasoned flour. Now in a frying pan sauté the chicken for about 5 minute in butter until it is nice and brown. Now take the chicken out of the pan and place to one side keeping it warm.

Now place the pan back on the stove and add the shallot finely diced, thyme and garlic crushed into the pan with a bit more butter. Cook until soft then add the re-hydrated mushrooms. Add some of the mushroom water, the white wine and cognac. Cook this until the liquid has reduced by half.

Then add the cream and bring that to the boil , adding a little more butter and then take the chicken and add that back into the sauce and let it just reduce a little.

Once the sauce has thickened serve it immediately, with some good wilted cabbage and mashed potatoes 


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