Himalayan Salt Blocks - 600 Hundred Million Years In The Making

A stunning new collection of large Himalayan salts blocks are being introduced to the UK early this September, the salt blocks are suitable for cooking, freezing, curing and presenting food amongst their many uses.

The salt blocks/slabs come in 9 different sizes, weighing as much as 19lbs each. Saltworks, America's Sea Salt Company is one of the most trusted names in the salt World and is supplying the salt blocks to the UK. Each slab is of the highest food grade quality, having gone through a quality assurance programme in the USA and will come with an authenticity certificate and a copy of the definite guide for using and cooking on salt slabs, “Salt Block Cooking”, by Mark Bitterman, America's leading salt block expert. The salt slabs are mined from the mountains of Pakistan and are made of 600 million years of compressed pink salt, in its purist form, having been sealed in a hermetic vault under the earth's surface for 600 hundred million years.

The salt slabs are being launched in the UK by London's Divertimenti on theBrompton Road on the 4th September 2014. The launch event is being hosted by Mark Bitterman, author of best seller books “Salted” and “Salt Block Cooking”. Mark will be demonstrating all the uses of the salt slabs as well as offering Master classes during his week long visit to London to promote the salt slabs and also to educate on 'more is less', with the use of salts in cooking.

The Salt Blocks are expected to be the must have gift for every foodie in the UK and already interest is mounting from the public, chefs, restaurants and the food service industry.  An exciting crowdfunding campaign has been launched to meet the increasing demand for the blocks. The campaign can be seen on www.crowdfunder.co.uk.

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