The Spice and Herb Bible, Third Edition

A new edition of the IACP award-winning book on spices and herbs.

Cooks use spices and herbs not only to enhance food's flavor, but also to create new taste combinations and sensations. From bay leaves to lemongrass to vanilla beans, it is virtually impossible to imagine a well- stocked kitchen without herbs and spices.

This completely revised and expanded edition is a fascinating and authoritative guide. Ian Hemphill describes a wide range of global herbs and spices used in today's kitchen, either alone or in wonderful blends. He demystifies the art of combining herbs and spices, and cooks are introduced to a world of flavors previously found only at internationally inspired restaurants. He really gives you, the reader, “the inside story,” based on his learning and experiences in this ancient and stimulating industry.

The third edition features six new spice entries, bringing the total number of entries up to 97; 102 new recipes; 33 new curry spice blends and 17 new spice blends, as well as the fascinating section “Travels in the Spice Trade,” which includes Ian's personal anecdotes and travel stories. The new information truly makes this the definitive resource on spices, and you'll actually feel like you've joined Ian on his world adventures!

The interior pages have been completely redesigned and reorganized and are full color throughout, making reading the contents an absolute treat.

The spices and herbs are listed alphabetically, and there is a detailed color photo of every one. And since you've gone to all the time, trouble and expense of purchasing them, there is also comprehensive information on storing and using each herb and spice. Finally, there are the 177 recipes inspired by these herbs and spices — truly a full-circle culinary experience in the world of herbs and spices!

IAN HEMPHILL, a native of Sydney, Australia, oversees Herbie's Spices, which boasts the largest selection of herbs and spices for sale and export in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit his website: or

KATE HEMPHILL absorbed an intimate knowledge of all aspects of herbs and spices as part of her family life and business. She is a trained chef who has worked as a home economist, food stylist, recipe writer and cookery teacher. Kate resides in London.

Australia's foremost culinary herb and spice expert, Ian Hemphill will be in:

San Francisco October 1-5

Vancouver October 6-8

Toronto October 14-16

New York October 20-21

London, UK October 22-30

Sydney, Australia October 30

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