Salt: Eat It If You Dare

Britain Gets an Education on Salt

For years here in UK there have been many stigmas about salt: its use, overuse, and how bad it is for us. This is about to change!

It's time to educate Britain on the unique powers of salt.  America's leading “Selmelier,” or salt expert, Mark Bitterman is coming to London to change the way the population views and uses salt in everyday life. He has a vast knowledge of salt acquired over many years of traveling the world.  Mark will look to share his knowledge along with the facts, and he challenges us to look behind the iodized curtain and discover what a difference salt can make to our food and the way we cook.

Mark is the author of “Salted, a Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes” a best seller in the USA and winner of The James Beard Award. He will be launching this book in the UK along with his other title “Salt Block Cooking” on the 4th September at an event in London. Mark will be talking about changing the type of salt we use in our food as well as addressing the history, science and the misuse of salt in the modern world.

Mark's visit is expected to be very busy with TV/Radio and media interviews, along with presentations, teaching master classes and demonstrating the art of cooking on salt slabs.

SaltWorks, America's Sea Salt Company, launches in the UK on the 4th September with 60 new artisan, smoked and fusion salts along with a collection of 9 Himalayan Salt slabs used for cooking, curing, searing, freezing and presenting food.


Mark Bitterman is in London 3rd – 8th September 2014.

SaltWorks launches at Divertimenti, on the Brompton Road on the 4th September 2014.

For press copies of “Salted” and “Salt Block Cooking” press packs, or find out Mark's London schedule please contact The Press Office on 01264 310717 or email

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